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The past few weeks have seen some changes around here! Wyatt lost his first tooth (and swallowed it!), our dishwasher died and we decided to not replace it, Billy is still working away on the office, and as of the time that this post goes live, we will have a new creature added to our household. All you southerners, especially Floridians, will laugh – we are adopting an anole tonight. Going to the pet store for crickets and mealworms is dangerous. I might need to go to a different pet store. Last time my friend Kelly ended up with another frog, this time its us, and anoles. I saw them and they are so scared and stressed out! I read they turn grey/brown when upset, and these poor babies are brown. They are only a few dollars each, and I have all of the supplies needed for one so I am going back later. I spent this afternoon cleaning up Harry’s old tank and accessories for it. *Updated* I went and got one! We named him Dash. He’s like the one from Death in Paradise!

Read Last Week:

I finally finished my books!

I enjoyed them both so much! I hope to get a review of at least Wintering up soon.

Reading this Week:

I have heard so much about Brene Brown and I have never read her before. I am looking forward to this one! And I started The Tourist Attraction already and it is a fun little read. The main character Graham, reminds me of Luke from Gilmore Girls.

Posted Last Week:

Currently, February

Full Wolf Moon Howl

January Wrap-Up


All Creatures Great and Small and The Hardy Boys this week. I have also been watching a lot of YouTube people. I have found some great quiet, relaxing people to watch. I plan to share them this week!

And that is it from here this week! Stay safe and well everyone!


39 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Enjoy your books and your creatures! Your mention of Gilmore Girls reminded me how much I loved that show. Did you see the reunion show? I might need to watch it again.

    I loved watching Firefly Lane this week.

    Enjoy your books and your pets…and, of course, Wyatt!

    Stay safe.

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  2. HI, I’m here from Sunday Salon. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog! I did indeed laugh about your anole adoption as we recently rescued 4 of these guys from the bathroom screen. They are always trying to get in the house. We are in north Florida so if you are in my area, I will hook you up with as many as you like.

    All Creatures Great and Small is a favorite and I saw the first original series, loved it.

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    1. Lol!!! I did think about how funny it was that I was buying something that just runs around so commonly further south.

      I love All Creatures Great and Small! It is a favorite of mine – from the book series to the older television series to this new one. 🙂


  3. Loved reading about your new creatures… they are everywhere here, lol!! Your books sound good, too. I enjoyed the Agatha Christie, but am not familiar with the others. LOL that Wyatt swallowed his tooth… that’s probably the one thing that never happened with our 3!

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    1. Hahaha it does crack me up that I bought one at a pet store knowing they just run freely around in Florida! Dash seems pretty happy right now, he is hanging out on the bromeliad quite a bit.

      I could not believe that happened! We were on a zoom call with my mom and I looked over and noticed it was gone! I was like what happened to your tooth? Where did it go? This kid, I tell you. Lol. 🙂


  4. Literary Feline

    Dash is adorable! Congratulations on your new family member! I am sure he will be much happier with you than he was at the pet store. Poor Wyatt, swallowing his first lost tooth! I still remember when my daughter lost her first tooth. She did not want to give it up for anything and refused to put it in her little tooth fairy pillow.

    The Tourist Attraction does look fun as does Braving the Wilderness. I hope you continue to enjoy both!

    Have a great week!

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    1. Thank you! I will have to post a before and after photo of him, it is pretty crazy the difference already!! Oh my gosh my son. Crazy kid. Lol. We ended up writing a letter to the tooth fairy so she knew his tooth was in his belly. Lol. And that is funny your daughter didn’t want to give it up! Kids make me laugh.



    1. I think I feel a rewatch coming on for me. Lol. Yep, he is a type of lizard. He is so tiny! He is probably like the ones in your yard. 🙂 I miss having a dog! I have had dogs my whole adult life but I want to wait until Wyatt is a little older before we get another one.


  5. Congratulations on Wyatt losing his first tooth! That was always such a momentous event at my primary school.

    We have anoles everywhere here in southeast Texas. We love seeing them on our front porch. Good luck with him.

    So glad to see how much you enjoyed Wintering and Orient Express. I love listening to Brene Brown. She’s from Houston, you know, and she teaches at my alma mater, UH, so I’m quite partial to her.

    We are on season 6 of 7 for the old All Creatures so it won’t be long before we get to see the new series. I can’t imagine how it can possibly be as good.

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    1. Tooth stuff always freaks me out, and then he swallows it. LOL.What a kid. We were on a zoom with my mom and I looked over and was like, wait, where did your tooth go! Lolol.

      Yes! I just read in the book that she had lived in Houston. I just started it but I already love it. I should probably add her to my list of podcasts.

      I think you will be surprised! Both series are so wonderful. I am happy with how they redid it. 🙂


    1. He is such a tiny cutie! I was going to get two but the store said they were all male so I could only get one, I guess they fight. I was never a lizard/small animal/reptile person before the pandemic. Now look at me…. lol.

      The Hardy Boys was good! I think you would like it.


  6. Kathy Martin

    Enjoy your new creature! They aren’t native here in northern Minnesota. Was Wyatt disappointed when he swallowed his tooth? Hard for the Tooth Fairy to visit. Come see my week here. Happy reading!


  7. Wait — what happened to Henry? Also, apparently I screwed up something on my mobile reader in WordPress and unfollowed you so I haven’t been getting any of your updates. You may have a lot of comments from me today.

    I am going to be reading another Agatha Christie soon but won’t read the one you did since I already saw the movie and know what happens!

    I am considering All Creatures but I loved the original so much (even though I couldn’t understand their thick accents sometimes) I don’t know if I can accept it! 😉

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    1. We still have him! Sorry, when I said his old tank I meant the one he was in first. As he got bigger we had to upgrade to a bigger size. Lol. This new guy is itsy bitsy, less than three inches, so he fits in this one fine. We are slowly becoming a house of lizards over here.

      And LOL! I do stuff like that on my phone all the time.

      I was super nervous too. But oh my goodness, it is really really good. They did such a fantastic job of staying true to the original. But I get it, I was like apprehensive! Like please don’t ruin a favorite of mine!!

      I read the one you read! That is so funny! That was my first ever Christie, and is still my favorite. 🙂

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  8. Oh gosh, we’re on like the sixth tooth lost of my son’s and every time one goes wobbly I have this irrational fear that he is going to swallow it( he never has by the way)! How did that all pan out?!? But at the same time, yay for the first tooth – always exciting.

    I had no idea what an anole was, but I hope he has settled in nicely to your household.

    Happy reading & a lovely week to you.

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    1. I could not believe it!!! I looked over and was like where is your tooth!! It worked out ok…I have to be honest we didn’t really look for it.. I mentioned it to his pediatrician and she just laughed and was unconcerned so phew. She said her son did that once too.

      He is doing pretty well! He seems to love his plants and hangs out on their leaves much of the day.

      Thanks Jade!


  9. I had to laugh at the anole! We are just a little bit too cold here in North Alabama for them but I used to spend summers with my grandparents in South Mississippi and they were everywhere! Glad you rescued the little guy from the store though. I always enjoyed watching them dart around. And poor Wyatt for swallowing his tooth! I hope he wasn’t too upset. I’m curious about Wintering and the Brene Brown and am looking forward to seeing your YouTube list. Have a great week!

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    1. Lol! I know I felt so silly buying it but he looked so sad in that tank. He seems so much happier and his color is better now as well. They are so fun! I always loved seeing them on vacation in the south. He was ok. We ended up writing the tooth fairy a note explaining things.

      So far the Brene Brown is fantastic!


  10. I’ve never heard the name anole, but from the picture and your reference to Florida, I assume these are the same little dudes I used to catch whenever I stayed at my grandma’s house. She lived in a double-wide trailer that sat upon decorative cinder block (the kind with holes that made designs), and TONS of lizards lived under there. I would spend hours watching the lizards and trying to catch them. LOL!

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