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It feels like it has been so long since I have shared here on the blog for some reason! It’s just been really a few days but it feels longer. We had another repeat of the week before – Billy working lots of late nights, Wyatt and I hanging out, homeschooling, playing games, that sort of thing. We have also been really busy with home projects, finishing up things we have wanted to do but never get around to. So that feels good and I will be happy when they are finished. I will be especially happy to have an office room again! We are getting ready to paint and I ordered a few things to spruce it up, a new rug, some new curtains. Nothing major but enough to make it feel all different. We also splurged on new dining room chairs as one of my cats has destroyed the ones we have. Thanks Mags. These are hopefully indestructible as there is no fabric on them at all! It’s been fun to rework our space a bit. We have lived here twenty years and Billy and I realized we have not done too much to change things at all in that time. LOL. My car’s service engine light came on too, and Billy ran it up to the dealership and it is some sort of transmission slipping gears issue that is thankfully covered. So my car goes in on Monday for a few days. Just a little bit longer without a car – I haven’t been driving it since the light came on, right after Christmas! With COVID and everything we had to wait until the stars aligned and Billy had a moment to take it up there. We don’t really go anywhere but it is nice for Wyatt and I to at least take a ride sometimes during the week to break things up! I also somehow got one of my besties to adopt a tiny little pixie frog from the pet store (although pixe frog is a misnomer in my opinion, they get quite huge!) I spotted it when I ran in to buy crickets for Harry and snapped a photo. It looked so cute! Apparently Kelly thought so too, because she went and got him the next morning.

Meet James Lime! (she also has a Pac Man frog named Frances Lemon)

Read Last Week:

I am still working on both of these, but I think I will be done with both of them in the next two days. I have been enjoying them a great deal! After these I am not quite sure what I will be reading. I am hoping I get approved on NetGalley for the new Erin A. Craig book Small Favors. If that happens that is what I plan to read. So fingers crossed!


All Creatures Great and Small. LOVE this show so much. As much as the original show, if not more honestly. I have loved the books my whole life, and this show feels so perfect. We finished up Wartime Farm, and started The Hardy Boys, which is pretty good!

And really that is about it from around here! Stay safe and well everyone.


24 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Oh my gosh I love that frog! I’ve never thought about having a frog, how cute. I like turtles too so I must have a soft spot for all these terrarium type critters lol.

    Murder on the Orient Express- I should really read that! And Hardy Boys? What’s this? I’ll have to check that out!

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    1. Isn’t it adorable!!! I am thinking I want frogs now too, but ones that stay tiny. Big frogs freak me out a little. LOL. And turtles are so cute too!!

      Hardy Boys is a Hulu show, and it is pretty good. It reminds me of Stranger Things, as it is not modernized. It’s fun!


  2. I haven’t watched All Creatures Great and Small, but I recently downloaded the book on audio and I look forward to reading it. Good luck with your home projects, it’s nice to make a few changes and improvements from time to time!

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    1. It is so good!! I know already that I will be sad when this first season ends. Lol. Wartime Farm is a BBC show, I found it on Youtube – search Absolute History Wartime Farm. There is an Edwardian Farm and Victorian Farm too, on Amazon, with the same historians. It is really neat. (if you like history and farm stuff)

      And thank you!


  3. I remember loving The Hardy Boys books…and when I was a kid, in the OLD DAYS, lol, there was a serialized version of the books showing on …wait for it! The Mickey Mouse Club.

    Your week sounds good…and good luck on the car repairs.

    Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog.

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  4. I had so many animals in my school library that it was sometimes referred to as the zoobrary. Parakeets. Cockatiel. Bearded dragon. Blue tongued skink. Guinea pigs. Chameleon. Whatever people donated, I took. That frog looks intriguing. Never had a frog!

    I can’t wait to read your review of Wintering. It’s a book I’ve been eying.

    We haven’t gotten around to the new All Creatures but we’ve taken great delight in spending so much time in the old series.

    Good luck with your home improvement projects. It sounds like you will enjoy your new office.

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    1. I love that!!! What fun for the students!! A chameleon would be so fun! I have a feeling that when we finish the office I am going to want some sort of critter for in there…

      Definitely spend time with the older series, it is such a good show. And then you can move on to the new one! Lol.

      Thanks Deb!


    1. It really is!! He was there for two weeks for sure; I saw him two weeks ago and was like aww so cute, then when he was there the next week in the same spot, I texted him to my friend and was like go get him! I am pretty excited she actually did. 🙂


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