One Word and First Book of the Year

I was lucky enough to receive two John Lewis-Stempel books for Christmas to add to my collection! I got The Wild Life of the Fox, which I read immediately, and then saved The Private Life of the Hare for today. Rabbits and foxes, my favorite! Wyatt wanted me to take his photo with the book too, so of course I did, because he’s cute.

I have never done the word of the year before, but I thought I would try it out this year. After much thought, I have decided on Connection. I really felt disconnected in 2020, with all the changes in our life and routine. No breakfast or coffee dates with friends, no book club, no taking Wyatt to therapy twice a week and seeing those people that we saw twice a week for five years. No work. Just lots of not seeing anyone. And I have a personality that tends to be solitary anyway honestly – and once I am home, I can really dig in. I feel like I really sort of lost my mojo as well – I didn’t feel as connected to nature as I have in the past, and I want to rebuild that feeling. We were outside but I didn’t feel as in tune with it as I normally do. So this year, I am going to connect. With myself, my circle, nature, my home even, adding in more warmth as we are minimalists and I needed to add in some warmer elements (like lots of plants! I am loving all of the green in our house!) So, this year is about connection, and trying to find ways to connect even with what is happening in our world.


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