These are a few of my favorite things..this year

Bryan over at Still an Unfinished Person has been sharing a few favorite posts this month as part of an annual blog event, and I have been enjoying reading about his look back. I have also been inspired to share a few favorites of my own! It’s been a year, that’s been pretty rough all over, but I think it did my soul and spirit good to think about those things that did make me smile this year. I usually always do a separate favorite reads of the year post, but I will do that closer to the New Year.

Good Moments that Happened:

Pre-pandemic, right before everything started going south, we went on a family trip to the west side of the state for Wyatt’s birthday. It feels like a lifetime ago! But we had a lot of fun on that trip, and I am glad we got to have it before we went into lockdown. And right after we celebrated Wyatt’s fifth birthday with almost all of our family and friends, literally a few days before Michigan blew up. I am so grateful for the time now, seeing those faces all in one place like that.

Yet after everything, we still managed to have some good times. Simple ones, like our lazy picnics in the park, socially distanced social hours in yards during the summer, and our own owl prowl. Our Wild Hunt was definitely a highlight for us, the Halloween Party my brother and sister-in-law managed to throw for our kids safely, our cider tasting bonfire. And of course our family field trip to the pumpkin patch, the apple picking day with my SIL and niece, as well as the trips Billy and I and Wyatt took to the chestnut farm and peach picking. These memories make this year seem not entirely without some good times.

Favorite movies that we watched:

We started a movie night on Friday nights around here, which was something new for us. We get our snacks (Haribo Cherries for me, Bridge Mix for Billy), and pick a movie to watch, usually with Wyatt sleeping right between us. I had some definite favorites! The Biggest Little Farm, This Beautiful Fantastic, Knives Out, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Fisherman’s Friends, and finally Blow the Man Down, which was recommended by Greg at Book Haven.

Favorite Homeschooling Units That We Have Studied:

I have really enjoyed this year of learning with Wyatt. I always wanted to homeschool, and while I didn’t want a pandemic to force me into it, we have been enjoying this time. We always do a supplemental study with our curriculum and I love choosing them, sometimes with him, sometimes on my own. Our favorites this year have been: Snails, Bees, Bears, Owls, and Pine Trees and Porcupines for living creatures; for places, France and the Great Smoky Mountains; and finally, the unit we are currently doing, the Winter Hygge bundle. (more on that tomorrow!)

And finally, our favorite purchases. Because if there is one thing I have done this year at home, it is shop a bit more than normal – all online with the exception of one…

Favorite Purchases:

Harry!! Of course, Harry. she is our favorite new addition to our home this year, hands down. Who knew I would love my little leopard gecko so much? So much, that I think I want to add another to our family. Maybe after Christmas, we will see.

I have to mention our blankets that we bought for picnics, we used them so much. This was the year of the picnic for sure. We would pack up some things, head to our shady tree spot in the park, and camp out for a bit with snacks and drawing materials. So relaxed and lazy. Wyatt is obsessed with picnics now – I am trying to work out a winter version. Speaking of drawing materials, I splurged on art supplies and am so glad that I did that as well.

What kinds of favorites do you have from this year?


7 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things..this year

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  3. We went to Disney World right before the world blew up and it seems like so long ago! I can’t imagine doing anything that public and that crowded right now or ever! You have some lovely favorites and I love the idea of movie night. We need to do something like that here.


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