Nonfiction November – TBR

Week 4 is hosted by Katie @ Doing Dewey

The big post, the one where we list all of the great reads we have found! I am still making my way around everyone’s posts, so I will probably be adding to this, but this is my list as it stands now.

Let Them Eat Pancakes – Spirit Blog

The Cold Vanish – Book’d Out

Wintering: A Season with Geese – Librofulltime

Fathoms – Bronas Books

Blue Highways – Intrepid Arkansawyer

The Twenty-Ninth Day – Musings of a Literary Wanderer

Children of the Land – Lovely Bookshelf

The Cottingley Secret and Believing in Fairies: A Manual for Grown-Ups – Bookworm Chronicles

Vesper Flights and Migrations – Words and Peace (and Brona)

Death in Salem- Silver Button Books

An Anthropologist on Mars – Emerald City

And then finally, the books recommended to me on my Ask the Experts post!

Daphne du Maurier by Margaret Forster – Stargazer

Blue Mind by Wallace Nichols – Monika at Lovely Bookshelf

Atlantic by Simon Winchester – Words and Peace

Hell Ship by Michael Veitch – Shelleyrae at Book’d Out

Nathaniel Philbrikโ€™s Heart of the Sea – Brona

The Folk Keeper by Billingsley – LexLingua

The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett – Array

In the Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides – Array

Under the Sea Wind and The Sea Around Us, by Rachel Carson – Rennie at What’s Nonfiction

Last week got away from me! My husband had to work a million zillion hours and it was me and the five year old ALL WEEK and WEEKEND… so not much mommy alone time, and when I did get it, I was zonked. I hope to catch up on reading everyone’s posts this week. I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s nonfiction loves this month, and can’t wait for next year!


25 thoughts on “Nonfiction November – TBR

  1. Last week sounds busy! I hope you will manage to get some time to relax this week. Quite an impressive list you’ve put together, glad to see the du Maurier biography included! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. I didn’t take part in Nonfiction November this year (it just wasn’t the right time for me, unfortunately) but I have been loving these wrap up posts and getting lots of recommendation – you’ve some great titles included.

    I actually recently purchased The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor, and look forward to getting to it soon.

    I hope you have been able to enjoy some good nonfiction this month.

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  3. I loved both Fathoms and In the Kingdom of Ice, so I’m excited to see them on your list! I’ve also enjoyed several of Simon Winchester’s books, but haven’t yet read Atlantic, so I’ll have to add that to my list too ๐Ÿ™‚

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