The Stay-at-Home Edition Holiday Gift Guide

This year my friends and family have really leaned in to staying at home and finding ways to use this time – through creative projects and hobbies, to learning useful skills, and filling our spaces with life and things that make us happy and smile. These newfound passions are making their way onto holiday gifts lists in my circle, and I wanted to share with you a few of these ideas! (Amazon links are affiliate links, and marked with an *.)

A little bit of peace and happy

Crescent Moon Soap Making Set: This year I learned to make soap and I am loving it! I love the creative aspects, as well as the functional and resourcefulness of it. I love just going to my little stash that I have made and picking out the next bar that we are going to use. Brambleberry has a ton of kits and project suggestions for every interest. I love this crescent moon though..

Embroidery Kits: Ok so..there are three here. My favorites honestly, and the ones I added to my list for Billy to choose from. I hope to learn to embroider this year and these just seem so pretty. Wild and Free || Web || Moons

A Nature Poem for Every Day of the Year: I have a book that is a poem for every night of the year, and we enjoy reading our poem every night. I think this would be a lovely way to start the day! *

Soapstone Carving Kit: My brother is a whittler, my stepdad was a whittler and woodworker; is there any more peaceful sounding endeavor? This soapstone kit looks like a great place to start.

Freshly made? Yes please

Handmade Sourdough Crock: The men I know have embraced cooking and food production this year, and this sourdough crock is gorgeous. King Arthur Flour has a few different versions, some that even include sourdough starter as well!

Bread Accessory Kit: I love this kit, it contains so many items for such a great price! A lame, a whisk, a bread bag..all for less than $25.00! *

Mead Making Kit: This is totally a Billy item. He wants to learn how to make mead and this kit makes it look easy! *

Things are growing

Wooden Propagation Station: Anyone else plant obsessed these days? My friends and I have started buying plants and sharing cuttings with each other. I am patiently waiting for my new cuttings to get here and I need one of these stations myself!

Marimo Moss Ball: Something else I am currently in love with. These marimo balls are so cute and can live for years and years, and are said to be lucky. Check out the website, it is worth reading and exploring!

Mushroom Kit: Grow your own mushrooms! We eat so many mushroom recipes over the fall and winter, that it would be handy to have some just ready and available in my own kitchen. (For a fantastic dinner, try the Mushroom Polenta from Rabbits and Wolves..) *

The Basics of Cozy

Men’s Pendleton Slippers: Billy hates having cold feet (well, I guess everyone does) and I love these slippers. They look perfect to slip into on those cold mornings and out of as well in the evening at bedtime.

Sackcloth and Ashes Blanket: I have one of these blankets (Camp Lake) and I love it. It is so soft and warm and bonus – the company donates blankets to homeless shelters!

Le Creuset Tea Mug: Also something I own and it is hands down my favorite to use, even with its little chip. It just has the perfect shape for holding, you know what I mean? It’s just a little thing that makes me happy everyday. *

Tom’s Plaid Slippers for Women: Because plaid is perfect in the winter. I like to wear slippers that are more fitted, probably because I am sort of klutzy and need my footwear to not give me anymore reason to trip. I like how trim and neat these look!

There are always subscription gifts as well! Cratejoy has a ton of ideas, and you can always buy a patreon for a year subscription if there is a maker they like to support! Also, gift cards for restaurants are a great idea for this year. We aren’t dining in but we are supporting our local eateries by ordering takeout!

I realize some of these suggestions are a little unusual, but so is 2020. I wanted to throw some of our loves and ideas out there, even to just get the ball rolling if anyone was looking for ideas! Even if these are not the items you are looking for, you may find the perfect thing on one of these websites!

Happy Shopping!!


23 thoughts on “The Stay-at-Home Edition Holiday Gift Guide

    1. Ugh I for sure don’t! But I did bake bread…lol. My friend’s husband really got into baking sourdough and makes a loaf every weekend now. He finds it really meditative! I did like naming my sourdough starters, and passing on starters to my friends. πŸ™‚


  1. I am in awe of your talents and your crafting ability! I would love to do more than simplistic crafts because I’m retired and have the time but some of these kits look daunting. I would not feel comfortable using lye to make soap because I only have a kitchen and a bathroom sink, and I would worry about my cats getting into it.
    I will check out some of these ideas further so thank you so much Erin, for putting this detailed list together for us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks Rita!! I am not actually successful at some of them, but I am one of those people who loves to try different things. My stepmom is the same way, we both pick up different hobbies and test them out. Some stick, some don’t! Lol. I can’t knit or crochet at all which bums me out because I wish I could do it. The soap making is really cool! I agree though, lye freaks me out too. I only like to do that one in my yard so it is summer a thing with the lye kits, otherwise I make the melt and pour soap which is way easier and you can still customize and make pretty. You buy the brick of soap, melt it down, add the scent you want and any extras like colorants, and pour it into your molds. Then wait! Those are usually done in like a few hours. I am glad you enjoyed the list! πŸ™‚


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    1. I am so glad that you enjoyed it! And how cool!!! I love hearing about the heritage family heirloom sourdoughs; you will have to let me know how it goes! I found the King Arthur site at the beginning of the pandemic and was amazed at all of the neat things they sell!


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