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The weather here last week was super gross, and Wyatt and I had to stay in more than we usually do. We did have a picnic lunch on my mom’s lawn one day, visiting my mom (socially distanced) and then I had a socially distanced night at my friend Kelly’s. But really, it was a pretty slow week around here! I did get one of my big book orders in that I had placed for Wyatt’s school year, which was super exciting for me. It took me back to when I worked in the school library and all of our orders would start showing up – just on a much smaller scale.

Read Last Week:

Mary Stewart is a go to author for me, and this one was no different. Love revisiting her every so often.

Reading this Week:

I had started this a few weeks ago, but I was reading an egalley version and for some reason I could only read it on my phone, which was annoying. I had read enough of it though to know I wanted it, so I ordered it. I will finish reading it this week – I am so excited! This book is gorgeous by the way. Review soon.

Posted Last Week:

Mini-Post: A Morning in the Country

Mini-Post: What’s Growing On?

Homeschooling, Summer Edition: Space


We are watching a few things – The Umbrella Academy, Evil Genius, and Father Brown. Evil Genius is insane. My brother had told me to watch it a while ago, and we are just getting to it. It takes place in Erie, PA, a place that some of my extended family has lived, so I was intrigued just by that alone.

That’s about it on my end. Stay safe everyone!


27 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. My mom put me on to Mary Stewart when I was younger. I’ve always thought I’d like to go back and reread her.

    I just looked for 100 Things to Do in a Forest and it doesn’t seem to be at my library yet. I added it to a list at Amazon so I can look for it a little later.

    We are still plugging away through Seinfeld. I’m surprised to see how much Seinfeld I have never seen.

    Have a great week!

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    1. I probably picked her up one day wandering through the library – I am glad that I did, she is a definite reread author for me. 🙂 There is a blogger who used to do a Mary Stewart week – I lost her blog when I switched years ago. I should search her out!


  2. It was warm enough in CT that we needed the air all week, but yesterday it rained all day… almost felt like fall. Today all the windows are open and it’s glorious! I’ve only read one Mary Stewart novel (Nine Coaches Waiting, I think) and enjoyed it quite a bit. Have a good week.

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  3. Kathy Martin

    I haven’t read Mary Stewart for years but remember reading and rereading them. I’m pretty sure they are still on my keeper shelves too. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  4. Wow it was pretty hot over here- I imagine it was there too? Glad you got to get some visiting in though. 100 Things To Do In A Forest looks great, and what a beautiful cover.

    I need to try Umbrella academy! that one is definitely on the list… 🙂

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  5. *Flora*

    Yeah, social distancing has certainly reduced our activities too. I love it when our boxes of resources arrive from our county’s education resource centre. As a teaching assistant, I don’t do the ordering, so I’m always very excited to open up the boxes and see what’s inside.

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  6. Mary Stewart is an author I really want to read more from and Touch Not the Cat is on my list. I love getting school book orders! It’s so exciting. Hope you’re having a great week.


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