Today I am linking up with Anne in Residence’s monthly post, Currently… This month we are sharing what we are feeling, wearing, buying, craving, and discussing.


These two necklaces that were both gifts to me from special people in my life. My husband surprised me with the rabbit and moon necklace for mother’s day – he knows how much I love rabbits and the moon. He said he also liked the shape of this one, because he knows how much I also rub the pendant of whatever necklace I am wearing, almost like a touchstone. The other is a necklace that one of my best friends surprised me with after a particularly hard week in my life. She remembered how much I admired hers and wanted to give me a smile. And she did!

Buying: Lots of crafting and art supplies, and picture books. I miss the library! We also purchased a Schwinn Roadster for our kiddo! He has cerebral palsy and is not able to balance on a two-wheeler right now, and we wanted him to have something to ride around. His legs have gotten too long for his tricycle from last year, plus we didn’t want him to look too “baby” so we thought this was a great find for him! It is low to the ground, has a stable center of balance, and is very sturdy – sort of like a hybrid tricycle big wheel. Plus it looks cool. He absolutely loves it! We are working on the pedaling still but it will happen!

Craving: Fresh fruit and vegetables! I have been super nervous about buying fresh produce from the stores with the pandemic – I know it is probably cuckoo. But yesterday we finally did it and made this Mediterranean tuna salad with fresh veggies (including mint from our own garden), and oh my goodness, it was divine after three months of not enjoying anything fresh. Our own garden is slowly taking shape, after many setbacks – shelter-in-place and my husband’s fractured elbow being big ones.

Feeling and Discussing: So many things. Sadness, grief. Contemplative. I’ve been staying sort of quiet online about current events since I don’t feel like it’s my feelings that need to be heard. But there needs to be change, real change, in this world. So right now I am listening and learning and praying.


30 thoughts on “Currently…June

  1. Gorgeous flowers! And that tuna salad sounds wonderful.

    What a great idea to give Wyatt that roadster.

    We all need to listen, learn, and pray, and this country needs to really CHANGE! AGAIN!
    It’s almost like the 60s didn’t even happen. We’ve gone backwards. Sigh.

    Hang in there and enjoy those flowers and fresh foods. Love the necklaces, too.

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  2. For better or for worse, we have loosened up gradually about potential transmission via surfaces like groceries or mail – my husband is a doctor and has done tons of reading about all of this and has decided that we’re safe, given that it seems to be a relatively low transmission rate via surfaces in general. We of course wash our hands immediately after handling things and before eating, and wash the produce. But it’s so hard to know what’s the right thing! Not worth doing it if it makes you feel more stressed, but it is hard to miss that yummy fresh stuff. We did decide to do a much bigger vegetable garden of our own this year! Hope yours is a big success.

    And I love that roadster bike you found – how snazzy. Here’s to a fun summer of bike riding for your little guy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I did see that the CDC released that information about surfaces being less transferable. It is so hard to let go of fear! I am doing better with mail and groceries – but for some reason veggies freak me out, and I can wash those even. Lol. I washed these three different ways, after letting them sit in my fridge for four days. I have some OCD going on I think.

      I am so excited for my kiddo and his new bike!


  3. Good for you for finding a suitable vehicle for your son. I bet he will be pedaling like crazy before too long.

    I used to have a garden but now I go to one of the many farm stands in the area (I live in Lancaster County, PA). The produce is so fresh and delicious. Right now: strawberries, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, spring onions, and snow peas.

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    1. I am so excited for him to get going on his bike! It will open up a whole new avenue of independence and mobility!

      Radishes are one of my favorites – we have a ton growing right now in our little mini garden. I actually need to check on them today to see if they are ready to harvest! But I miss strawberries like crazy.


  4. Carolyn Thomas

    โ€œI donโ€™t feel like itโ€™s my feelings that need to be heardโ€โ€”thatโ€™s exactly where I am, Erin, and it generates a lot of challenging feelings that I am trying to sort out with a friend and mentor. I could picture taking a good walk in the woods with you and sharing our thoughts right about now!

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  5. I’ve been quiet about my thoughts/feelings on everything going on too, but more because I’m trying to figure those out. I am horrible at keeping plants alive, but I’m also with you on being nervous on purchasing fresh fruits and veggies! Love those necklaces, especially the rabbit one ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I think that is part of it here too, sorting things out in my mind.

      I stuck mine in the fridge for 3 days, then scrubbed them down with a brush, soaked them in a vinegar/water rinse, then scrubbed them again. Lol. But I was able to eat them!

      And thank you!


  6. Susanne

    That little jar of blooms made me smile. I do hope your youngster enjoys his new wheels. Jewelry has such a nice way of cheering us up. I just realized earlier this week that I had not been bothering to wear earrings for the last 2 months. I am remedying that going forward.

    On current events, quiet is good – contemplative is excellent. I am much in the same mode. I don’t comment on social media because everything is being misinterpreted by someone. Why do we have to assume ill intent? Would you talk to people that way face to face? Just yesterday Ellen says something which seemed to be supportive and gets called out on it; 2 hours later former Prez. Obama says the same thing and that’s cool. Many try to show support with blackouts on social media, and then CNN says that’s not really helpful. Gee whiz! I don’t have time to figure out all this crazy code – and it’s not productive. Eventually I do hope that all the nonsense stops so there can be real conversations.

    I’ve limited myself to blogs where kind and honest conversation still has a home.

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    1. He is loving his new little bike. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I am loving my gifts. They know me. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It is really hard, I agree. I know what I am feeling but it is hard to express and I don’t want to be misinterpreted. And people are so ugly online sometimes! You are right.

      Blogs are definitely my safe place right now online.


    1. Thank you! My people know me so well. ๐Ÿ™‚ And a bird one sounds really pretty!

      So – my new method for produce – stick it in the fridge for days. Then scrub it with a brush and wash it really good, soak it in a vinegar/water rinse, then scrub again with a brush. Lol.


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  8. Those are such pretty necklaces! My kiddos have been riding bikes like crazy lately. I bet that bike will be put to good use. And I love what you said about staying quiet–I’ve been trying my best to listen as well.

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  9. Hear, hear on what you said in the last part of your post. Cute necklaces and love how your husband KNOWS you and how he thought of you. Glad there’s an option for Wyatt in terms of wheels.

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