A Day of New Life!

Yesterday was a big day around here! We had 6 of our 9 butterflies emerge from their chrysalis – and they couldn’t have had better timing.

It is butterfly week here this week, and Wyatt and I had just settled in to do some work after reading the book Butterfly Birthday. Butterfly Birthday celebrates the beginning of spring and also the birthday of all the butterflies that eclose in the book during the party. So, we read our book, got situated on Wyatt’s lesson, and I glanced down to see a butterfly! Our first butterfly made its appearance minutes after reading our book. Lol. We had to take a break to celebrate – with cake!

We just happened to have some left from Mother’s Day – strawberry with vanilla frosting and sprinkles. Yum!

It’s so cool to us that you can see them as fully formed butterflies within the chrysalis before they emerge. Nature is so amazing! This was the first one born – the one in the chrysalis was the third.

It was a day for new life all around – my seeds are starting to sprout, also something to be excited about! I am most excited about my pumpkins today – I have always wanted to grow our own mini-pumpkin patch. I hope they make it!

My little sprouts! Pumpkins, watermelon, squash, lettuce, and basil all have made their appearances. Outside, the radishes are doing well! We are still waiting on some but this is a great start!

Spring was certainly making itself felt around here yesterday, and with it, a happy hopeful feeling as well.


6 thoughts on “A Day of New Life!

  1. Rebecca Jo

    So fun. I have a friend that does the butterfly ‘hatching’ with her kids every year & they release them – so cool to watch


  2. So we are trying to get some kind of house for our caterpillars when they from the chrysalis but they are on back order on amazon. Hopefully it comes in time. We just got the container of caterpillars. Sigh. It’s so neat the first one came out at that moment. I think someone knew you needed that sign of life right now.


  3. Mae Sander

    Seeing spring come is wonderful at any age, but your boy seems especially ready to take in all these little pleasures. My neighbor hatches butterflies too, and loves to show us.

    be well…mae at maefood.blogspot.com


  4. Wow!!! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chrysalis or a caterpillar, even though I’ve been living in the woods for 4 years. Probably because I’m too afraid of bugs to venture outside to look for anything like that.


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