Little Wanderings

It’s been some time since our family wandered around outside. We have been taking neighborhood walks but we haven’t been out in the world in two months. Our favorite places are sort of crowded these days with everyone else attempting to get out of the house too, so we have been avoiding our usual stomping grounds. Then this weekend, we remembered a few places that we thought might be less busy – and our hunches paid off!

So Sunday after a bellyful of chocolate chip pancakes and a virtual chat over tea with my mom, we pulled on our boots and headed out in search of whatever adventures we could find. Our first stop was a centennial farm and nursery. It was too cold for them to have many flowers out so we made plans to go back in warmer weather (hopefully this upcoming weekend!) and wandered about their beautiful grounds. We spotted fiddlehead ferns, a favorite of mine, so many birds including a cardinal that followed us around, and beautiful trees and plants. It was a brisk morning, cool and overcast and it even rained on us a few times, but that was ok. We don’t mind a little rain.

We also used the opportunity to practice mask wearing with Wyatt. We figured it was good to practice somewhere it wasn’t crowded or imperative to wear one for safety reasons – and where better but in the outdoors. We did encounter employees and the people that lived there, but we maintained social distancing and had masks on, so it was sort of a dress rehearsal for the weeks ahead. Wyatt did ok…. his face is so small though that it easily slips down off of his nose, so we need a plan for that. He likes to fiddle with it too, pulling it down – or up too high! He will get the hang of of it.

The grounds were beautiful but not big enough to satisfy our urge to be outside – so we decided to try a place nearby that we got to sometimes. We spent the short drive there crossing our fingers that it was not overcrowded and we were in luck! We had the place almost to ourselves, and there was more than enough trail for everyone.

It was so wonderful, and it was so good for me, for all of us, to be back outside again, and in nature. It is such a part of our family that we were really missing it. We headed home feeling refreshed, like someone had opened the windows to our souls and aired them out. Now that we know we can do this, we will be venturing out again, hopefully soon!


12 thoughts on “Little Wanderings

  1. It looks like a wonderful day, even if it wasn’t four-star sunny. You were still outside in familiar (but long missed) territory and could see many lovely things. I think the mask deal is going to be a challenge for kids of any age. It reminds me of getting around the corner and off would come something or other my mom wanted me to wear — and I didn’t! Hopefully school will be able to enforce so kids are in it together.

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    1. Yeah it’s going to be a battle. Lol. He likes wearing it but can’t leave it alone. I am uncertain about school in the fall already.. he may be homeschooled for a while longer. 🙂 But he has so many appointments! It’s going to be a struggle for all kids I’m sure! Lol. It was so nice to get out!!!


  2. I wouldn’t be wearing a mask in a park, that’s for sure. I can’t breathe in them already and I’m not gasping through one in the open air! lol! I also am reading many things that say that it is much less likely to catch it in open air than in an enclosed space (an office, a subway, a room in a house, for example.) But I would have it around my neck in case I bumped into someone, that’s for sure. You’re in an area where there is a lot more people so I get it! I am so glad you got out, masks or not and you got to see some pretty flowers, scenery, etc. It is so good for the soul!

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    1. Lol yeah we don’t normally wear them outside. I’m trying to get Wyatt used to wearing one in a place where he doesn’t actually need it. And really the masks aren’t meant to protect us but others. You are right though much more likely to get it from enclosed places than outdoors. Outdoors is safest right now..

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      1. Actually, I wonder if they are good for protecting both a little bit? Better than wearing nothing at all. Maybe? I’ve read articles both ways. Either way, I wear one! 🙂 I remember wearing one a couple years ago to protect others, when I had a bad cold and had to visit a family member in the hospital. They weren’t doing well, if I remember right. This wouldn’t happen now but the doctor in the room looked at me and said “what’s your problem? You have Ebola or something?” I was like “I’m just trying to protect others if I have a cold..” (though I think it was allergies) and the guy just rolled his eyes at me. 😂 such a different time! P.S. I get it on why you were wearing them. Good idea! I was just teasing a little because the one I’m using right now drives me crazy and it’s hard to breathe in. I’m going to order a new one or find a different style.

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  3. I would think they help too, I’m not sure why they say they don’t? Unless they are N95? I did wear one the other day while gardening to filter the pollen for my allergies and it worked for that! Lol. They do say they are hard to breathe in for some people.. 😦 there are so many masks out there it’s hard to know which to buy!

    And wow different times for sure!!!


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