I am slightly late to the party – but I am linking up with Anne in Residence for her Currently post.

Today we are talking about making, missing, learning, loving, reading.

Making: Bread! This house is on the sourdough train and have been making so many things with our starter, Yukon Jack. I am also making lots of lesson plans and plans for activities with the kiddo.

Missing: Well, my family and friends – I miss them so much, as I am sure everyone misses their loved ones too. As for other things, I miss the library and the zoo. Going to Starbucks for a coffee, or out to a fun dinner. My book club with my friends.

An older photo from a past zoo trip..

Learning: How to plan a week ahead for groceries! Lol. I have to order my groceries a week out right now, and it feels weird to anticipate what I might need. I am also learning more about myself, and the things that I will no longer need when this is over.

Loving: When Calls the Heart for sure. This show has helped me through some sad moments! I am also loving Stephanie Hathaway Designs and Chickie and Roo for my homeschooling needs! I have found that I also really love homeschooling…

Reading: Reading has been tough for me lately. I found that the only thing I can focus on reading were ghost stories and witch stories! I have read the whole Wendy Wang Witches of Palmetto Point Series – it was pretty darn good!

And that’s about it for this month! I will be linking up again June 3rd when we will be talking about what we are feelingwearingbuyingcraving, and discussing.


23 thoughts on “Currently…May

  1. How fun that you’re making your own bread! I’ve thought of it but never got round to it before. I’m a big fan of meal planning – although it can be a bit of work up front, it makes things so much easier for me through the week!

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    1. It is pretty fun! My son loves to help too.

      I would usually meal plan but only for the week we were currently on – planning for next week is different for me and slightly challenging for sure! I know some people do it for the whole month and I am in awe of those people! I only wish I could be so organized. And could stick to it!


  2. Erin, every time I see your lesson pictures, I think you were MADE for homeschooling! I didn’t realize Billy is an essential worker…that definitely makes a HUGE impact on your family–and makes all the things you’re missing even more so. I hope your garden gives back all the love you’ve put into it so far. (I remember when you and your SIL started planning!) It’s still early. So much possibility for gardens this season. xo

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    1. Aw thank you Carolyn! You are so nice!! Oh my gosh, yes Billy working has been tough in many different ways. But we are hanging in there!

      We are so excited about our garden, even though it is a little different than we had planned. 🙂 Thanks for all the positivity in your comment! 🙂


    1. I think it is easier since kiddo is still in preschool. I think. I also worked as a classroom para and as a tutor when I was younger so I am using what I learned from those jobs, so I think I have a little more background in it at least. 🙂


  3. What a cute little homeschooler and project there! I’m totally with you on those “missing” things. And also on this being a learning experience for once a week grocery shopping! I used to go 3-4 times a week. Cutting that down to 1 AND not being able to actually go myself is just so weird, even this many weeks in.

    Hang in there, and glad you were able to join in this month with a post!

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  4. I’m also missing family and coffee big time! I see so many people are making bread and baking amazing things – I’ve never made bread before I need to start!


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