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Shelter in Place week….something or other. I’ve lost track. Lol. Last week we spent time playing outside with chalk, learning about caterpillars, making things with our sourdough, and just basically getting through. Today we are going to get outside and do a little gardening which I am excited about. I am not one of the brave souls willing to go shoulder to shoulder in one of the recently opened nurseries so we are starting everything from seed. And some of the seed we planted earlier has begun to bear fruit (or vegetable rather).

Read Last Week:

A few more Wendy Wang books for the win over here.

This is just a great series for me right now, I am enjoying them thoroughly!

Reading This Week:

After 8 books into the Witches of Palmetto Point series, I think I am finally able to step away and try something different. So I am going back to the Lighthouse Library Mystery series, another series I was enjoying.

Posted Last Week:

Homeschool Week 3: Caterpillars

April Reading Round Up

Mini Post: Super Simple Caterpillar Craft

The Almost Obligatory Sourdough Post

What We’ve Been Watching:

When Calls the Heart and Sanditon, although we are one episode from finishing Sanditon. And then for our movie nights this weekend we watched An Inspector Calls on Amazon, which was amazing – I highly recommend it. And then we watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which was also crazy good. I know we are late to the party on it but wow, so well acted. We loved it.

Stay safe everyone.


32 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Wow. Look at your garden. I understand your hesitation at visiting nurseries. We started everything from seed back in early February. We had a mild winter (only one freeze) and our tomatoes and peppers from last year are still producing. This year is the first time I tried kale; kale appears to produce and produce, and I think I will always grow it now. We’ve also had great luck with Brussels sprouts and green beans (such a quick turnaround with beans).

    I started two very-serious nonfiction books yesterday, but I don’t really want to read more about flus and other serious things. I think I shall send these back and look for something very light for today.

    Today would be a good day for sourdough, wouldn’t it?

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    1. I started a bunch of stuff in March and then due to Michigan’s crazy winter that never ended they ended up dying, because they got too big for the house. I need a better plan next year for transplanting if that happens again. So I am starting over, a little late!

      My mom has been reading about the Spanish Flu Pandemic – I don’t think I could do that right now! Lol.

      My husband made sourdough hamburger buns yesterday and they are even better today. They sort of evolved into more of a bagel overnight. Lol.


  2. The days are all running together, aren’t they?? I guess we’re in May now, or so people tell me lol. Funny how the normal routine of our lives keeps us on track time- wise! And I love nurseries/ greenhouses in the spring, but not this year! I’m keeping my distance too for now haha. Hope your guys’ gardening goes well. I love food from the garden, it’s so fresh. And sourdough=yum.

    I’ve been thinking of trying Sanditon.

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    1. They are! I think back to how Wyatt and I have been isolating since MARCH 10th and can’t believe it. Although the rest of the state wasn’t that far behind. And yes, I drove by one the other day and couldn’t believe the absolute crush of people there. 😦 Our state has lost its mind Greg!

      I am excited about our sourdough and garden this year! And Sanditon was good.


  3. Is that a radish?
    I was sad to watch the last episode of this season of When Calls the Heart but I discovered the spinoff When Hope Calls so I binged that, but I didn’t like it as much. IVe yet to watch Sanditon though

    Wishing you a great reading week and good health

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    1. It is a radish! A teeny tiny one. I love radishes. Lol.

      We are not finished with When Calls the Heart yet but my mom is and she is pretty bummed out too. I heard about the spinoff! I will probably watch it but I anticipate that I will probably feel the same as you. I am usually less excited about spinoffs.

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  4. My Dad is my ‘nursery’ but with restrictions in the UK I’ve not been able to collect my plants from him.
    I spend most days not knowing which day of the week it is (not good when you are working from home as much as your job allows!) or what month! I hope you manage to grow some wonderful veg to enjoy.

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  5. I think I was one of the few people who didn’t love Once Upon A Time in Hollywood.. it just wasn’t quite my thing.

    Happy to see your garden is growing! I planted spinach seeds 9 days ago and I love seeing the sprouting growth.

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    1. Yes, I love seeing the little shoots!! I get all geeked about it. Lol.

      I really liked it, but I did find it slow in parts. It could have been shorter in my opinion. We watched it over the course of two nights, so that helped me. Lol.


    1. I can’t tell you how crazy they looked – and it was terrifying honestly.

      We finished Sanditon and now I need a second season! I hope someone picks it up- although who knows when filming anything will be able to happen again.


  6. Kathy Martin

    I’m still doing a lot of rereading via audiobook. Soon I’ll have to switch to my June review books but not quite yet. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  7. Oh, yes, we’ve definitely lost track of time here to – if it wasn’t for my husband being on a rota system and having to go to the work place on specific days (whilst working from home the others), I wouldn’t be able to tell the days a part for sure!

    It sounds like you are making progress in your garden. The Lighthouse Library mystery series is new to me, and I’ll be looking in to it now. Thanks for sharing & a happy week to you and your family.


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