Reading Roundup for April

This month I actually was able to start reading again, but I seem to be stuck on a genre and a series. I can only focus on supernatural witchy ghost books right now, and I have some armchair psychiatrist reasons why. Anything too intense is just well, too intense. Too complex and I can’t concentrate well enough to catch all that I normally would and I don’t feel I would appreciate it fully, and if they are too happy, that isn’t jiving with me because we are living in such strange days. So I think I am enjoying these because they have happy endings but the characters are in a sort of state of chaos as well. I am going to try to read something different next week, I am going to head back to the cozy mystery Lighthouse Library series I had been reading and see how I do.

That all being said, this is what I read this month..

And I am about to finish book 7, hopefully tonight!

So rather than go book by book, I think I am just going to discuss this series.

Charlie Payne is a psychic who is able to communicate with ghosts, and in the first book she begins to use her talents to assist the police, when a police officer’s mother asks her to look into the haunting of her house. The policeman, Jason, doesn’t trust her and assumes she is a con artist, but after seeing what she can do first hand, becomes a believer.

Charlie’s whole family is made up of gifted witches, all with different abilities. Together, Charlie and her cousins Lisa, Jen, and Daphne with their Aunt Evangeline work together with Jason in working his tough cases. Throughout the books, a few more characters are added in, each with their own roles to play. I don’t want to spoil it and tell you too much here though!

I really enjoy all of these characters. They seem like real people. I feel like sometimes you read books and characters just aren’t relatable – they don’t act or say things like just a normal real person does. Charlie and her crew are interesting characters, each very different but also make me think of regular people I might run into in life, with their reactions and way of doing things. I also love the family dynamic – they have family dinners every Friday and are such a tight knit little family. I love that.

As for the stories themselves, I feel like this series just kept getting better and better as I plowed my way through them. The only thing that bothers me is that there are editing errors that bug me here and there. Overall though, I am really enjoying these books! I will definitely keep reading this series, and also look into her other series, Book of Kaels.


12 thoughts on “Reading Roundup for April

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  2. *Flora*

    You’re not alone in wanting some lighter escapism during these trying times, Erin. 😉 This sounds like a good series to be reading right now and it sounds like my kind of read. Thanks for sharing I’m going to check them out! x


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