Taken at book club at my friend’s house. Isn’t she brilliant? a meme hosted by Anne in Residence. Today we are sharing what we are currently….. loving, embracing, tasting, wearing, and preparing.

Loving: My blue light protective glasses! My little guy had to get glasses so I ordered these to wear along with him, to help to get him to keep his on. I had heard of the blue light protective glasses, so I ordered these from Zenni and I really like them! I had been noticing my eyes were getting dry and I had headaches after sitting in front of my computer, and these glasses are helping with that as well! So it worked out nicely all around!

Embracing: The 1000 Hours Outside Challenge! We are trying to go all out with our outdoors experiences this year. I am not sure we will make all 1000 hours but we are going to give it our best! We have gone out in cold weather, rainy weather, and nice weather so far this year so I can say with certainty that we are doing our best.

Tasting: All sorts of comfort food recipes. It’s winter in the mitten state now, and we have hunkered down with soups and chili, and this year, after twenty some years of vegetarianism, I have started to eat some meat, about one meat dish a month for me. It’s sort of a whole new learning curve, since my entire adult life I have never eaten meat – so I have to learn how to cook it. It is fun finding new recipes and trying them out, and my always carnivorous husband is very happy about this turn in events.

Wearing: Another new for me – I’ve started to add beauty products to my life. I know this probably sounds weird, but until recently I have never done much besides occasionally a little mascara and moisturizer. But lately I have just been feeling so frumpy – I don’t work outside my home and when I do go out, it is usually for a hike or outside somewhere so I never really take much time with that sort of regime. Lately though I have added some stuff in, and it makes me feel a little nicer, which in turn makes me feel a little happier. I started small and easy, since this is new to me, and have been absolutely loving the Pacifica line of products. I chose this brand because over the summer I found the perfect hair balm for my crazy thick wavy hair – the Salty Waves Beach Balm. A little of this and my hair would dry perfectly, no frizz, nice curls. So, when I decided to add in a different moisturizer and BB cream, I looked to this line again. I bought the Sea and C Life face lotion and the Alight BB Cream, and I love them both. So much that I now have a few other products on order. I also love the fact that these products don’t have a bunch of harmful chemicals, and are cruelty free – plus when you are finished with the product, the company will send you an envelope so you can send the packaging back! All things that make my hippy heart happy!

Preparing: For my son’s fifth birthday party next month! I am so excited! We are planning a lumberjack themed party, and we are talking about a cake that looks like pancakes and a maple syrup tapping demonstration, and I have a few other ideas percolating as well.


24 thoughts on “Currently…February

    1. Thanks! I am really looking forward to it. I have got to get these invites out soon! Or even ordered. Lol.

      I have never really used anything, it’s sort of odd to have a mini regimen. I don’t ever see myself doing a whole face of makeup, not that there is anything wrong with that, it’s just not something I feel I will do. But this little bit feels right, right now. 🙂


  1. Okay…I LOVE your fireplace–the whole set up. Please tell Wyatt his glasses are SUPER SHARP. Boys in glasses are where it’s at. I love my son’s so much I didn’t even want him to get contacts for sports 🙂 And THAT CAKE PLAN?! Cannot wait to see it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh I love it too! I wish it were mine lol, but sadly it is my best friend’s. Lol. I should say that, give her credit because her house is amazing from top to bottom. She is so talented!

      I will tell him! He’s been fighting it a bit but doing ok. I think he looks super cute, and you are right, boys in glasses are totally where its at. 🙂

      I am super excited about this party!


  2. Jennifer

    Kudos for getting so many outdoor hours in….I might try that challenge. In April:) (so not a winter girl!) And I’m all about the comfort foods just now!!


  3. Beth

    That sounds like a fun fifth birthday party theme! Way to get outside more, we are terrible about that right now (I’m in MN) and have fallen into that hibernation mode. I know my kiddo loves sledding so we have to encourage him to get out there and do it!


  4. Oh I love this 1000 hours idea – around here it’s a little too easy for us to get wrapped up in Legos and books indoors, so what a cool way to get motivated to enjoy outdoor time 🙂 And I just love planning kid birthdays. That theme sounds so fun!


  5. That’s great that you’re doing 1000 hours outside. I have curly hair too, may have to look into that brand! It’s surprising you’ve started eating meat when you previously did not. I would try soups and chilis for meat comfort foods!

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    1. It has seriously changed my hair! And I don’t say that lightly. I can get some big frizzy hair going lol. I usually wash my hair, add it in, and then let it air dry, trying not to touch it too much while that is happening. And then it leaves it nice and curly, and is not crispy or weird. And it smells good too! Lol.

      I know it is weird for me too! My son is small for his age, and is a big meat eater. I wasn’t quite sure how to talk about it with him when it eventually would come up, so I am going to eat some as well, if that makes sense. Plus, I have to be honest, after twenty some years I kind of do want to eat some different things. Lol. I don’t want to eat a ton of it, but I am adding it in here and there for me. 🙂


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