What Wyatt’s Reading – January

We have had such a great reading month together! I have started keeping a book journal, where I am tracking a few different things, including the picture books we read together every month. We always have a mix of books, the ones that Wyatt picks out for himself and then the books that I pick out, because I like to theme his reading around the things we are doing and learning together. This month they were mostly picked out by me – for some reason we just couldn’t get to the library together this month, which is a bummer because I love when Wyatt and I go to the library – which generally is every Friday! Next month we will start again. And get hot chocolate afterwards too, I think.

As usual, I just listed our favorites, his and my own. Wyatt adored Snow Sisters – I read that one to him a million times, I think partly because the brunette girl in the illustrations looks a little like his cousin! Wyatt is also a little obsessed with wolves and howling right now lol, and he loved Little Wolf’s Song, and Little Wolf’s First Howling. He definitely enjoyed all the howling. And then surprisingly, he really loved Winter Walk. I say surprisingly because it had a lot of nonfiction elements, learning about different things you can find on a winter walk, like blue spruces and blue spruce pinecones, but that was his go to, drag it from the library basket favorite ALL MONTH. I guess I need to buy that one! He also seemed to love Sugar White Snow and Evergreens, and honestly I did too. The illustrations and story were wonderful!

I loved Wolf in the Snow – it was so cute, and also heartwarming. And Winter Trees book was seriously cool, I actually learned a lot from it. Wyatt wasn’t super interested in it, but I read it a few times for me. Lol. Another one I think we will buy. I actually loved all of the books this time, quite honestly.

And then, the Scout and the Gumboot Kids books! We loved these so much. We only did the craft from one of the books, but I am going to go back to them the more seasonally appropriate they become for the other books that we have. If you are interested in learning more about them, check out my Puddles and Pinecones post. We had so much with that book and activity!

Next month we have more snow books on the horizon, although I do plan to start adding in some Valentine’s books- plus whatever Wyatt finds on the shelves. I am looking forward to going to the library with him again – and I know the librarians miss him too, as they told me!


12 thoughts on “What Wyatt’s Reading – January

    1. Lol yeah it takes some time. When Wyatt was that age we read a lot of really short board books. He really liked ones with mirrors or little sensory type things to feel, like That’s Not My Badger but the Usborne Books line. They have a huge selection of those. And he still liked to throw them, close them on me, whatever. Lol. We just kept at it. Lol.


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