Currently…January a meme hosted by Anne in Residence. I missed December but today we are sharing what we are currently….. reading, resolving, cleaning, creating, and planning.

Happy New Year everyone!

Reading: A mix of nonfiction books and fiction this month on a variety of topics, mostly nature and cozy feeling books. Some books on my list for the month include Gathering Moss, The Secret Life of the Owl, the Cozy Minimalist Home and Winterwood. I did get a gift card for Barnes and Noble for Christmas though that I am excited to use!

Resolving: This year I am hoping to get back to practicing yoga again. I have been saying that for four years so hopefully it sticks this year!

Cleaning: Everything! At least that is how I am feeling right now. Lol. We are overhauling my office though this year, to make it more functional for our family. I am looking forward to the changes – I just need to commit to a paint color! We are also getting organized – I started labeling and boxing up different crafting and art supplies the other day and that part of the closet looks great. I love being able to just go in and get what we need so easily.

Creating: I am working on little gnome people for my son and his cousins, and I am making clay ring dishes for my friends as well. My stepmom and I love to try all the different crafts out there – we recently went to a wet felting class which was fun but..well, wet. I don’t think it is my craft medium, although I had a blast doing it. My stepmom did fantastic though, and I think her piece was the best in the class! That is it pictured above, she did a poinsettia themed runner which graced the table over the holidays.

Planning: So much!! January is such a big planning month for our family! We are planning our garden, something I love to do in the depths of the cold winter. I am getting together with my sister-in-law to go through the catalogs and see what we are both ordering, and where we can combine forces. I am also planning out what we are going to do with the Kids Moon Club, and with the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. Wyatt goes to preschool but I like to supplement at home and I love the nature/science/art focus of this homeschool curriculum. I have a Passion Planner, which I absolutely love. In fact, I am planning on curling up with it right after I finish here! Yeah, I am a nerd.


21 thoughts on “Currently…January

  1. Oh man! I forgot about the currently posts. I love these but I am over posting this week so I probably shouldn’t post one. Lol.

    I love that felt art! Your MIL’a looks great!

    I need to start yoga again too. It really does help me when I do it.

    And I love planning with a planner but I fall apart somewhere in the middle.

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    1. Oops! I meant your stepmom’s piece of work. Not MIL! Also, I meant to add I fall apart in the middle of the year but bumped reply too soon. I could edit the comment on my computer but I’m on my phone and I’ll forget what I’m doing when I get back to the computer later on. That’s what happens when you get old.

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    2. Lol! I love these too but I am kind of struggling with the fact that it is very similar to another post I do at the beginning of the month and it feels slightly repetitive. I can’t figure out how to marry the two into one – or at least I can’t today. I can’t even blame being up late or partying for not being able to figure it out today – just me.

      She did so good!!! It turned out so beautiful! My own design was…lacking. Lol. I tried though and I had a good time, especially hanging out with her. 🙂

      I agree, yoga helps me in so many ways! Since I had Wyatt though, I find I have no time. I am going to start by trying to do it once a week while he is at school, and then adding from there. Hopefully.

      I need to have things physically written down and be able to visually see things, so I love my planner. Wyatt has soooo many appointments that it is so helpful to me that way as well. I think we are at 4 specialist appointments already for the month, one meeting with his school, and a few changed around therapy appointments – my brain can hold a lot of that but not all! If it weren’t for all of those, I probably wouldn’t keep up with it too much either. My husband always starts out strong too, but then peters off as well. 🙂

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      1. I just love how organized I feel when I use one and like you physically writing things down helps me. But do I do it? No! Instead I freak all out and then finally get the planner out and get organized again … for a few months .. then … repeat cycle. Lol.


  2. I’m not a gardener at all, but I love the idea of planning one right now – what a great way to get through the depths of winter and look forward to spring/summer 🙂 And I’m getting back into the swing of yoga right now too – last January I did a month-long challenge where I did at least 15 minutes of it a day using an app on my phone or YouTube videos or going to a class, and I felt SO good at the end of the month. Started to fall out of the routine later in the year, but I’m using this January to get back into a regular habit!

    Thanks for linking up, and happy 2020 🙂

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    1. I love it – I found it really does help get through to springtime during these gray months we have, by planning our garden. 🙂 Since I had my son it has been a tiny garden, but this year we are hoping to do more. 🙂 Hmmm. I like this 15 minute at least idea!


  3. Lauren Becker

    Happy New Year! Sounds like you have some books going right now – and yay for gift cards to get more!! I love my planner too; I have the happy planner. If you ever do posts about your planner, or planning in general, feel free to link up with my monthly linky called Keep It Together (every third Thursday of the month).


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  4. Happy January (I guess). It’s easy to see how Jan. and Feb. are my least favorite months of the year. The snow has gone from ah, how beautiful, to ugh, how annoying, lol. The Christmas decorations are getting packed away this week, much work and not nearly as fun as the unpacking of them were.
    But we are readers and bloggers and from that angle life is good. There is always a plethora of titles to read, and thoughts to share. Enjoy your week!

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    1. I love snow! But yeah, I am usually done with it by February. We haven’t had any except for a weird fluke snowstorm in November (October? it was really early). In fact today I was outside without a coat even. In January in Michigan. I am a winter person but even I struggle on the gray days. I try to do all the cozy things and that helps some; I also try to get outside as much as I can, even if it means bundling way up. It makes me feel better. 🙂 And definitely, the best weather to snuggle up and read!!! Enjoy your week too Cleo!


  5. As Told By Felicia

    Cozy Minimalist Home sounds like the perfect read! And I love that you’re making ring dishes- so creative!! Personally I have a black thumb so there will be no gardening for me, but I look forward to seeing what yours ends up like! Happy January!

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