Quick Reviews on Some Holiday Reads

A Holiday by Gaslight: I am an helpless romantic, I can’t help it. And this book is so sweet and lovely. I started loving these historical Christmas romances when I was in high school and gravitate back to them every year. There is something comforting within their pages, all happiness and joy. This one was no different. A country house, two people finding love at the holidays – and I loved these two characters. I love the juxtaposition between tradition and modernism in this story – with Ned trying to aspire to old traditions, thinking he needs to act a certain way to fit in to a society that he doesn’t really belong to despite being desperately rich; Sophie who has some pretty modern ideas, is smart, an avid reader, and wants to be her own person, despite it being the Victorian era. A heartwarming, quick Christmas read!

Half-Spent Was the Night: Oo I loved this VERY quick little read. Perfect for those stolen minutes, this 112 page book sure packs a lot in! I loved The Witches of New York so it was neat to join them at Yuletide. If you like these characters and their stories this is a must read!

The Afterlife of Holly Chase: This YA book was such a fun and unique read!! I loved it. Holly Chase is a failed Scrooge – and a dead one. Her afterlife is now spent working for Project Scrooge, a company that spends the entire year for their big event, which is to rehabilitate that year’s Scrooge, Dickens style, complete with real ghosts. I loved the framework of this company, how it uses A Christmas Carol as a blueprint for their work, finding the Fezziwig, the Belle, etc. That every character has their real name, and their Dickens name. It was just really well done and fun to read.


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