My Almost Last Minute Kid’s Gift Idea Guide!

I’m not really a shopper- unless of course I am in a book store. And sometimes a really great eclectic gift shop like my favorite store in my town that has so many crazy things to look at. But for the most part, I am not a shopper. So, when Christmas rolls around, I start making my lists and ordering online. This year we tried to put an emphasis on things that encouraged nature or creativity, as most of the kids I know are really into those types of things. And I fully support all of those! I thought I would share some of my favorite purchases and ideas from around the internet in case anyone out there still needs a few ideas. Just make sure to check shipping dates!

For the littler kiddos:

Blackbird Call || So, this might seem like a strange choice! But there is a story behind this one for us. We took a trip in the spring to a pretty touristy area of Michigan, and of course, did some touristy shopping. Wyatt found a wooden duck call in one of the shops and decided he had to have that. The store even burned his name into it, which was cool. But from there, a new collection was born. He loves playing with wooden whistles and flutes and instruments and bird calls. We got him the blackbird call, but Imagine Childhood also has an owl, cuckoo, robin, and mallard duck available, as well as just a wooden bird whistle.

Fat Brain Build It Blueprint Puzzles: Come in a few different designs! I thought these were so cool! I like the cabin or birdhouse for Wyatt but also available as a barn or dog house.

Lincoln Logs: A classic! And it is the 50th Anniversary too! Perfect for little fingers and builders.

A kite: I am posting the one I am buying for Wyatt, but there are so many out there to choose from. Our family goes to a kite festival every summer and it is so cool to see them up in the sky, hundreds of them sometimes. We plan to get in on the action this year. Check your area – there might be a kite festival near you!

Dress Up Wings and Cloaks: Magic Cabin has the coolest selection of dress up wings and cloaks. It’s hard to decide which one to get!

Instruments: Available for all ages, from maracas and castanets for smaller kids to big bongo drums for the older ones! We took Wyatt to this class in the summer and we had a blast. He loved playing with everything, and we have slowly been increasing his collection. He has flutes and whistles and is getting a drum and pan flute for Christmas!

Binoculars: I bought these for a few of the kiddos on my list. I think they are great fun, especially on hikes, and are the perfect size for little hands.

Unicorn Sidewalk Chalk: Because it is seriously cute!

I also got Wyatt a play tent! I am so excited to give it to him, as I think he will love it. His teacher told me that he loves the one in the classroom and will go in there and look at books. There are so many out there too, from just plain type canvas to fancy ones that look like mushroom houses or whatever.

For Older Kiddos:

Fox Needlepoint Kit: My cousin’s daughter has been showing an interest in so many crafty type things lately, from drawing to painting to needle pointing and crocheting. She is the inspiration behind this one! Imagine Childhood (a favorite online store of mine as you can tell!) also has an owl and a turtle.

Pirate Map Kit: What kid doesn’t enjoy the thrill of a pirate treasure map? Now they can hide their own treasures and make a map to it!

Bow and Arrows Set: Obviously this is with discretion. But really neat.

African Safari Sun Paper Art Kit: Science and art and learning oh my!

Door Pong: I love this! I am totally getting this for my nephew.

Fold – An Origami brainteaser: Every kid I have ever met has been fascinated by origami. And most adults too.

Trekking: The National Parks Board Game: I want this game for me! I think board games are so fun and a great way for families to interact with each other.

Snow Shoes: Do you live somewhere with snow? Snow shoes are such fun! Billy and I used to laugh so hard when we would go snow shoeing together. REI has toddler versions – I can’t wait until the day I can buy a pair of snow shoes for Wyatt!

Gifts of Experiences:

Don’t forget about memberships to places like zoos, science museums, kids museums, or even a National Parks Pass! These gifts are so fun and can last all year. Usually these places have events that run all year round, and sometimes members have early access or different perks. I also highly recommend the Kid’s Moon Club – we had such a good time with it this year as a whole family, although this is probably better if the child already has an interest in this sort of thing.

These are just a few of the things that I have bought or had on my lists as ideas this year. Of course you know your family best but if you needed an idea, I hope I planted a few helpful ones!


12 thoughts on “My Almost Last Minute Kid’s Gift Idea Guide!

  1. These are such great ideas! I have a ton of nieces and nephews and coming up with ideas for them is so hard. I want to do more experience-type gifts as they get older, and I think things like zoo memberships are so perfect.

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    1. I am glad that you liked them!! We absolutely love our zoo membership! My mother-in-law gets one for Wyatt every year, since he was a baby, and we take him all year round. They have great events, from zookeeper talks to holiday things and summer concerts. It really is a great gift. Best of all, we don’t feel pressured to “do” the whole zoo at one time. We can go, spend the time we want to spend, and know we can go back later. I think when you pay to go you feel you have to stay the whole day and that can get so long and people can get cranky, kids and moms and dads…lol. As you can tell, we love ours. 🙂


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