Our Week in photos..

We’ve been doing some things!

We made salt dough ornaments with Wyatt’s cousin my niece, and my mom.. and also read some books together.

And we went for a chilly hike. We played with cattails – I had no idea that you could treat them like a dandelion with all of their fluff. How cool! We noticed some new developments on this walk too – the water on the pond was beginning to ice up, for the first time this year. And there were far less birds – I guess they have flown to warmer climates! We love watching for all the changes in the landscape and in the natural world.

Then Billy and I had a date night! We went to his work party which was so fun. They had a Motown theme which was fantastic. The band was really amazing and we stayed out later than we have in four years! (11pm guys, we were home by 11..)

Then we went to an art show called The Potter’s Market. Billy’s mom sells her beautiful ceramics pieces here every year, and every year I look forward to going. I also use it as an opportunity to buy special gifts for Wyatt’s team of therapists and teachers. I love supporting local artists and I feel like I am giving something useful and beautiful. The moon ornament is for Wyatt, the blue acorn is for me. I am really pleased with the pieces I picked out this year. I could spend hours here but Billy and Wyatt get bored after twenty minutes – which is probably good for our budget! I could leave with much more, especially since I am happily part of the more clay, less plastic movement!

We also went to see my cousin’s daughters in their play Frozen Jr. which was so cute! They did a fantastic job. We were not allowed to take photos though, so no pictures here!

What have you been up to lately?


19 thoughts on “Our Week in photos..

  1. What awesome fun you’ve been having! Never knew cattails looked like that. I thought those were just extra floofly dandelions. I took the tween for her haircut to get 4″ chopped off and then took her and my neighbor’s daughter to boba, fried calamari, tayoki balls, and mini egg rolls.

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      1. This is my basic IP recipe:
        1.5c rice
        3c chicken broth
        4.5c filtered water
        1 smoked ham shank
        20 minutes IP automatic porridge button
        38 minutes to NPR
        45 minutes on Keep Warm


  2. Thanks for sharing your photos! I love that you still get outside for walks and hikes even in colder weather. ⛄

    I de-plasticed all of my Christmas decorations about 15 years ago, except for a few tiny stars which look like the stars on the Hogwarts tree in the Sorcerer’s Stone movie, that I use on my Harry Potter tree. I am happy to see you have gone plastic free, too! My ornament purchase this is a blown glass banana slug. 😂

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    1. Oo I love a winter hike! I like cold weather better than sweating – I also just feel more alive and invigorated in the winter. I’m weird. Lol.

      And yes! We are trying to definitely limit the plastic that we bring into our house. With Wyatt, it’s a bit hard but we make exceptions just for him. Billy and I don’t buy things for ourselves if we can help it that are plastic. 🙂

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