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Ugh last week. I am so bummed out when I am sick and I was sick last week. My doctor thought that my asthma issues were a combo of my seasonal allergies with a developing cold/upper respiratory situation. And by Tuesday night, my body proved her right. And we all know how as an adult it is so hard to get the rest and care we need when we are sick! So we keep on trucking! I did take Wednesday “off” as much as I could – while Wyatt was at preschool I decided to not do a thing, and curled up back in my bed and watched a movie on Netflix – the Ted Bundy thing starring Zac Efron. It was really good, if you are into that sort of thing. It starts after he is arrested, so there is no real gore or killing, it focuses more on the trials and his relationship with his then girlfriend Liz. Not really a comfort movie but I had been wanting to watch it but I couldn’t do that with Wyatt around and I was afraid it might be too scary before bed. Lol. I am starting to finally feel better! I think I am going to start my regime of probiotics and honey every day starting now!

Read Last Week:

I started Endless Night and then House of Salt and Sorrows sort of took over. Lol. I have to finish Endless Night by Thursday’s book club so I can’t get distracted again! I really loved House of Salt and Sorrows – the fairy tale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses is one of my favorites (my very favorite is The Wild Swans) so I enjoyed this macabre retelling. I also loved this world by the sea! I also read Death of a Ghost – I love dipping in and out of Hamish’s beloved Lochdubh!

Reading This Week:

I’m going to be finishing up Endless Night then starting these guys. I have been waiting for them both to come in from the library and they have finally arrived.

Posted Last Week:

Book Review: The Vine Witch

A Girl’s Day Out in Midland


Extremely Wicked and Shockingly Vile with Zac Efron, Criminal Minds, and we have started the Halloween cartoons for the season! We watched the Curious George Halloween movie, and are going to watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown tonight. We are also still watching the GBBO – semi-finals this week, so exciting!


We always have different projects going and right now we are working on making peg doll gnomes (I make the gnomes, Billy makes the hats), and we are going to work on our pie making game. Inspired by the GBBO, I am getting my mom to help us throughout the next month or so making different kinds of pies, fruit and savory. I also checked out two books from the library that make my mouth water just flipping through them. I am going to attempt to make a pie for book club on Thursday – cross your fingers for me! I am a much better soup maker than I am baker! Do you have a favorite pie?

What about you? What is going on in your neighborhood?


27 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post!

  1. Art of the Pie is one of my favorite books. The chapter on making crusts is excellent. It taught me so much. I think I need to look for Sister Pie now. I wonder if it is at my library.

    I’m sorry you were sick. I never thought about it, but you are right: grownups with kids don’t get down time. I remember getting flu when my sons were young. It was all I could do to put on a robe and drive them to school. It hurt so much!

    Let’s hope you are completely healed soon!

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    1. I am so glad to hear that about Art of the Pie! And the Sister Pie bakery is so close to me, I feel like I need to have a field trip there for research purposes…

      Thanks! And ugh, the flu and still having to drive to school. That is awful! What a good mom!


    1. Zac Efron did a great job at portraying Ted Bundy – which I am not sure is a compliment? Yeah I guess it is, it was acting. LOL. It was pretty good honestly. There was one kind of yuck part and that was right at the end. John Malkovich is in it too, as the judge and he is always so good. 🙂


  2. Hope you’re feeling better. There is so much sickness going around now!

    Endless Night I’m curious about- I love that cover!

    Oh my gosh I forgot all about The Great Pumpkin. Yikes! Now we have to watch that before Halloween arrives lol.

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    1. There is and it totally sucks!! I had some magic chicken lemon rice soup over the weekend and I think it really helped make me feel better honestly! Lol.

      I think my husband and I enjoy the Great Pumpkin right now more than Wyatt, but still.. tradition! Lol.


  3. We love the Great Pumpkin! It’s a Halloween tradition! And don’t forget to add elderberry syrup to your regimen for health this winter. We took it for the first time last year throughout late fall, winter and part of spring and my kids only got sick once or twice and their sicknesses did not last very long. I buy it, even though it can be made homemade. I’m not very “homey” that way 😉 Take care of yourself!

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      1. We take it every day. The kids only need half a teaspoon and I think it is a full one for adults. We like the taste of Gaia on Amazon and it has less yucky ingredients. It does have sugar but I figure that’s a fair trade for us not getting as sick as much.

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  4. Sorry it was such a tough week! You’re right… mothers of little kids just can’t get sick. The one time I couldn’t power though (pneumonia) my mother was close enough to help… not sure what would have happened otherwise. Glad you’re staring to feel better!

    I borrowed The Art of Pie from my library last year (?) and have been meaning to buy a copy for myself ever since. Thanks for reminding me. Hope you finish Endless Night in time for book club!

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    1. It’s so true – if you have small children and get sick, it’s like business as usual despite feeling horrendous! Lol. It’s like we just patch ourselves up and keep going. And yeah pneumonia! That would be tough to power through!!! I am glad that your mom was able to help you, that would have been horrible.

      I am glad that you liked the Art of Pie. I am getting good vibes from it!


  5. dreamingofhygge

    I keep forgetting to check out some Halloween movies with the kids! They love watching festive movies year round. I’ll have to see what’s on Netflix. I’m reading an Agatha Christie right now and loving it. It’s a reread for me, though I do still have a HUGE pile of her books on my shelf to read. And I just bought the latest collection and I hope it gets here before Halloween since it would be a great spooky read! Have a great week!

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    1. I was just laying in bed last night trying to think of what else we needed to watch! Today I added a Winnie the Pooh Halloween movie from Amazon, and we also have to watch Disney’s Sleepy Hollow (the cartoon), and then for my husband and I, the Johnny Depp version. 🙂 We are big Sleepy Hollow fans. 🙂


  6. Those pie books look good. I’m sorry you were so sick. You were hit with a doozy. I hope you’re on the mend right now and good for you on just chillaxin and watching a movie in bed to recoop.


  7. Good to hear you are feeling better! 🙌🙌🙌

    I had never heard of the fairytale of the Twelve Dancing Princesses until Salt and Sorrow came out. I will have to look for the original to read next year. 👍✨

    Pumpkin pie is my favorite! 😊

    I hope your week is going well. 🌈

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