Currently..October a meme hosted by Anne in Residence. It is my first time participating and I am excited to link up! Today we are sharing what we are currently….. arranging, loving, embracing, purchasing, and sharing.

Arranging: Mostly doctor’s appointments and coffee dates! One fun, one not so much but necessary. I am working on taking time for myself every week, which sometimes is hard to allow yourself the time to do. I am making myself a priority too!

Loving: That it is October, and that means fall has arrived! My very favorite season of all. I am loving all the fall things, from books to being cozy with my book and tea, to pulling out my comfy fall weather clothes and boots. I also am looking forward to all the autumn outings as well! I bought Wyatt’s costume the other day and I can’t wait to see him in it!

Embracing: The idea that there is and always will be something to do. Something that needs to be checked off my list or completed. It is so easy to get caught up in trying to get all the things done but sometimes that list seems never ending. I’m telling myself that there is always something to do and that I will get to it, but I don’t need to make myself miserable in the process.

Purchasing: I have started Christmas shopping and my goal is to be #donebyDecember! I might not accomplish that but no matter what I will still be farther ahead than I usually am by that point. This year I am focusing on gifts that are nature based or books, at least for my own kiddo. He is not a big toy kid. He does like to play with toys, but he is more interested in doing, like looking at books or playing music or drawing or coloring or being outside. So that is where I am putting my focus this year. I have already gotten some neat stuff, like binoculars for his little hands and a magnifying glass, and today I am adding a few things that I found on Magic Cabin and a few other things on Imagine Childhood.

Sharing: Food. Our apple tree is just dripping with apples and we have been giving them away by the bagful to our friends and family. Soon too, two of my friends and I will be sharing labor and making soup together a few times a month so that we have dinner done on those nights. And so much more fun making food with friends!

What about you? What have you been up to lately?


22 thoughts on “Currently..October

  1. I like the idea of sharing labor on cooking! I’m trying to shop ahead too. Some gifts are easy, as I try to support fellow local artists, others not-so! Time to make sure the lists are all in order! (I like currently even though I don’t do it often.)

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  2. Being cozy with a book is the best – although on this rainy, chilly day giving in to the temptation of it means that my to do list is not faring so well… I have a nature (specifically bird) loving boy too, and binoculars have absolutely been a hit with him. National Geographic Kids has a lot of great field guides for birds and flowers and trees, if you want to combine the binoculars with something to take out on a hike to identify creatures and plants 🙂 And ooooh I have always wanted an apple tree! So great.

    Glad to have you join in!

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  3. 15andmeowing

    Fall is my favorite. I am working on decorating for Halloween which takes a while as I have more stuff for that then for Christmas. Good idea to work on Christmas shopping early 🙂

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  4. Whitney

    Send some apples this way! I fully agree with you about Fall being the best of all. Waiting impatiently for the cooler weather to come with the change of seasons.

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  5. Susanne

    Sometimes I think the most important thing about lists is the making of them, so that you mind can be at rest, and allow you to have the energy to tackle them at a usually steady pace.

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