What Wyatt’s Reading – September

We had a great month of reading! I won’t list them all, but here are the highlights!

As you can see we have gone full fall reading over here! There are so many great picture books out there and we are eating them up like apples. Wyatt loved Apple Farmer Annie, Apple, Scarecrow Magic, and How to Find a Fox. Especially How to Find a Fox. It was fun to see how the fox was hiding from the little girl while she searched high and low. So cute. We both loved Hello, Fall and read it multiple times. Saving Samantha was wonderful, I have loved it for years although it was a bit long for Wyatt right now. I am probably going to buy it for our home library, along with Fall Walk and Red Sky at Night. All were great wonderful books. It is hard to not just buy all the books for him, so I am trying to “curate” a library of his favorites and also books that we can reference in the future, and not just every single one, which is how I would like to roll. Lol. But space and money! Our library always lists how much we have saved using the library that trip and we generally average a “savings” of $175 a week! Libraries are awesome, I highly encourage using them if you are not regular library goers.

Finally, Little Tree and Little Cub. I was so in love with these two books. Little Tree shows how in order to change, sometimes we need to let go. And Little Cub was so heartwarming. I read it to Wyatt while Billy was making dinner, and Billy came out of the kitchen to comment on how sweet the story was. And I agree.

We still have two months of fall books to read! Any favorites?


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