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First, my prayers for everyone that was in the path of Dorian. What a terrible tragic force that hurricane is, leaving so much devastation in its path. I read that Habitat for Humanity is planning on helping to rebuild housing that was lost, and I plan on donating to aid in this cause. I can’t do much but I want to do something.

Last week was all about finding our feet with our new schedule – pretty sure we haven’t figured out our routine quite yet…. I find it just as hard to transition to a new schedule as my son! It’ll take us a beat to find our new school year rhythm. We spent last week just getting used to it all again, and I have to say I am feeling all off. Hopefully this week is easier! Wyatt is enjoying being back though, which is great! Over the weekend we had our last summer Music Together class, and we won’t be joining again until spring. We all loved the class though, and recommend it if you have one in your area! We also went to a Family Fun Day at the center where Wyatt goes to therapy, then had dinner with my mom before leaving the kiddo with her for a few hours to have a short little date night at Greenfield Village. They were open late for a Ragtime fest and old car show (1900s-1930s cars only!) and the weather was perfect. It was a busy but good day. This morning, after I finish here, we are going on a family hike before coming home to do some home stuff that we need to do for the week. I think I am going to make Mushroom and Wild Rice soup and I am super excited for it!

Read Last Week:

I managed to read both of these books last week, and I loved them both. Leaving Time was phenomenal, and blew my mind honestly. Soo good!!

Reading This Week:

I started Foxes Unearthed last week and it is pretty interesting so far. I love foxes so this book is perfect for me. Although, who could loathe this beautiful clever animals! I am also starting A Little Hotel in Cornwall.


We binged on Carnival Row – it was so good!! We both loved it and were sad when it ended. I think we are going to start Stranger Things next and get that knocked off of our list. We have so much waiting for us – Mindhunter, Glow, Big Little Lies, and I will be able to catch up on some podcasts too while little man is at school.

So what is going on with you all?


25 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. The change in schedule from summer to school is always a tricky one, I think. I often wished our vacations were shorter, but more frequent and more spaced out.

    I like the look of Little Hotel in Cornwall. I wonder if it is available here. I’ve gotten so attached to Cornwall through Poldark.

    Have a lovely week!

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    1. It is so tough! We had such a great little routine going this summer and now I feel very disjointed. I feel like one day I will end up probably homeschooling – I love teaching and learning and having my kiddo with me and watching him grow and learn too. Right now I just do supplemental type stuff, but maybe one day!

      Do you use an e-reader at all? I got A Little Hotel in Cornwall from Amazon for kindle for .99!


    1. Today didn’t go too well, at least this morning. He cried all the way to school which killed me! His teacher said though that he turned it around pretty well and had a great rest of the day.

      I loved Carnival Row! I love Orlando Bloom anyway, but I thought this was a great show and he did a wonderful job!


  2. I love this time of year and that includes soup sand stews and all the autumn-ish comfort foods! We’re having soup tonight too actually! And good weather for it- it’s chilly here!

    Good luck getting your schedule down pat- it can definitely be an adjustment when the school year starts! Hope you have a great week. 🙂

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    1. Me too! I am so excited to finally be able to make a few soups here and get all cozy! The soup was freaking fantastic if I do say so myself. LOL. I hope yours was as well. And yes, it is so chilly here!

      It really is an adjustment! Hopefully we can lock it down soon.


  3. Cornwall and Foxes both sound like my cuppa! I think of Cornwall and Doc Martin and would love to visit there!

    What a good week. Yes, adjusting to the new schedule takes a bit, doesn’t it? And September really ramps things up. I love that you could go to Greenfield Village for date night. I think I need to do a weekend in Livonia with the kids and add that to my weekend time! I think the babies are still a little young to make it through the village part but I can’t wait to share it with them. It’s been a long time for me!

    I’ve been up to my elbows in processing a bushel of tomatoes and my weekend was spent in the kitchen. I’m really getting sick of tomatoes!

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    1. I would love to go to Cornwall! I have never watched Doc Martin, it sounds like I should.

      We’ve been taking Wyatt to the village since he was a baby – we don’t go through all the houses with him but they do have a play area now for kids and there is always the train ride and carousel! We usually do those things, have some custard or macaroni, and stroll around the village. 🙂 They close for the season mid-October but the museum is always fun too. 🙂

      How cool you canned tomatoes! They are such a pain though lol so kudos to you! 🙂


      1. Doc Martin is a town doctor in a Cornwall town who is grumpy, blunt, and has an aversion to blood. Probably OCD or very highly functioning Asbergers. Or maybe just really eccentric! If you start at the beginning you really get a feel for all the characters in the town that stick with the series. It’s on Acorn, if you have that and PBS.

        I made pasta sauce — tons and tons and tons for the freezer. We’ll eat well this winter!


  4. Kathy Martin

    I hope you settle into the new schedule soon. I love having a routine. I started watching Carnival Row almost by accident but only saw a couple of minutes. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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