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We have had a great week and weekend. The weather is perfect and holds just that taste of autumn in the air. We have been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying these late summer days. We hiked about the last two days, in the woods and along the water. It’s been a lot of fun.

Read Last Week:

Read this and feel pretty meh about it. I enjoyed this first one a lot more.

Reading This Week:

I am not sure which one of these I am going to read. I can’t decide what I am more in the mood for! I will probably start them both then see which book wins. Lol.

Posted Last Week:

What Wyatt’s Reading: August

Book Review: Forgotten Bones


Not too much right now. Billy and I are watching iZombie and are about to start either Stranger Things or Mindhunter. Wyatt and I are watching Molly of Denali, a new PBS cartoon that is really good! There are not that many episodes but we just keep rewatching. It is the first cartoon that has featured Native Alaskans as main characters. I love it as much as Wyatt!

So what about you all? What is going on in your neighborhood?


22 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

    1. I am getting so excited for fall! Last week I was all lets enjoy the rest of summer, but now I am all in for fall! I know we have some time though before true fall happens.

      Where the Forest Meets the Stars is the book that won. LOL. I started it and was reluctant to put it down.

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  1. Marti (Bookish Treats)

    I’m glad you had a fun week!
    I’ve been told Glass Sword is not great, though I really like the covers of these books.
    I want to start watching Mindhunter soon.
    Have a great week!

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  2. I’m loving the weather right now! It’s been so nice. And Where The Forest Meets the Stars- what a nice cover!

    Will this be your first time through Stranger Things? Hope you guys enjoy- I think season one was really suspenseful and fun at times. 🙂

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    1. This weather is the best! Fall can arrive anytime now. Lol. I started both books last night and Where the Forest Meets the Stars is sooo good!! And that cover, I love it too!

      We have watched the previous seasons but not the newest one yet. I am looking forward to it although it does freak me out.


  3. We are and will be deep into summer for quite some time. I’m a bit envious about your arrival of autumn.

    I read Mary Stewart long, long ago. I wonder how I would find her books now, so many years later.

    Fascinating that this cartoon is the first with Native American characters. So many people have been left out for so long.

    Have a great week!

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    1. We won’t have “true” fall for a bit but this weather can definitely stick around!

      I am enjoying revisiting Mary Stewart’s books. I haven’t read this one yet, so even better!

      I agree about this cartoon. My mind was blown when I learned that. It is so well done too, I love it.


  4. Kathy Martin

    I am not tired of summer yet but this week’s temperatures are forecasted to be more fall-like. Rain is supposed to be headed our way. I’ll often start a couple of books to see which one grabs me. I hope one of those two does for you. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

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  5. I feel like a lot of people had that issue with the Red Queen series. it was like the first book was good and entertaining but the rest of the series went downhill. Unfortunate! Hope you enjoy your week ahead and have a good time watching and reading what you choose to! (Also, I’m about to start Mindhunter for the first time and I’m so excited. AND, I love Stranger Things, so I’m kind of cheering you on no matter what you guys pick!)

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  6. I don’t know any of these — except Molly in Denali! I think the whole concept of that show is great. Do you ever check out the pbskids website? They have related games and activites but you probably knew that!

    Hmm. I’ve been at the lake a lot and home for a brief bit to do birthday and see the exhibit at Flint Institute of Arts (currently on the blog, at least part one!), see some friends, and then art camp back at the lake. Summer is fast ending…

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