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Our weekend is unfolding pretty slowly. It’s rainy and a little dreary, so today (Saturday) we are pursuing indoor pursuits like blogging, coloring, painting, and later crafting as a family. We are going to make strawberry necklaces out of salt dough to wear for our full strawberry moon party on Monday. We went out for a bit this morning, and daydreamed over retro trailers – they are just so darn cute and the idea of just hooking up and moving out for a night or two on a whim suits us. Or I could just park it in the driveway in our yard and use it as a quiet reading retreat too! I feel strongly that we will have one of these, one day…

Read Last Week:

The Matchmakers of Minnow Bay by Kelly Harms – I do not usually read books that do not match the season I am living, I am weirdly seasonal. This book however, it didn’t matter. I totally adored it and it was the perfect little happy escape read that I needed!

I also started A Buzz in the Meadow and while I am not a super bug person, I am fascinated by this book.

Reading This Week:

I have been very inspired by Lakeside Musing’s posts lately and I hurried to put a few of the books she has read recently on hold. Well, two of them came in and this was one! I am looking forward to reading it. ETA: So everyone’s comments on how long the holds list is made me double check my status! Lol. Our library changed their policy and no longer tells you where you are on the list for a book, so the way it was listed in my holds area online made it look like it was in. I am not sure why they wouldn’t tell us where we are though. 😦 So…it looks like I have a long wait ahead of me if I am going to read it from the library, darn it!!!

Posted Last Week:

Hello, June!

Supporting Small and Local


The Durrells on Prime and Criminal Minds on Netflix. I love the Durrell family!

How about you all? How are you doing?


17 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Hi Erin! I hope you and the family are doing well. I love that new pic of Wyatt on top 🙂
    I have been wanting to read Crawdad– so many folks loved it. And the Kelly Harms book, well just plain fun. I read one of her previous books, a bit of fluff and sometimes just what we need.

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    1. Hi Rita!! Thanks for stopping by! Things are going pretty good. I am so excited for summer! And thanks, I think I am going to print that photo, he just is too cute there! Lol.

      I think I am going to read more by her – it really was the perfect book for how I have been feeling lately. 🙂 I need something light and fun. I feel like Crawdad will be amazing, but not light…. lol.


  2. Those retro trailers are kinda cool! And using one as a reading retreat when it’s just in the driveway is a great idea! A little mini- vacation! And are we getting a ton of rain lately or what? It seems like it rains every day lately over here anyway.

    I love that cover of The Matchmaker’s so much.

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    1. My husband thought of that one.. I think he was trying to get me to pull the trigger on one lolol. We don’t even have a vehicle to tow it right now so it would have been just sitting lol.
      Omg this rain. I am so over it. I like rain but I just feel damp all the time now. Lol.

      It was a cute book!


  3. I looked everywhere for A Buzz in the Window and I can’t seem to find it here. Maybe it will arrive soon. It looks like my sort of book. I recently did a post on my favorite true nature reads. It’s here if you’d like to take a look: 24 Wonderful True Nature Stories at Readerbuzz.

    I’m waiting and waiting for Crawdads here. I think I might be up to 50th on the list or something now.

    My husband and I keep thinking about getting a little camper. They are pricey, though. Maybe just a tent and a bedroll?

    Have a great week!

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    1. I have just started reading this genre of book and I love it! I will definitely check out your post. I started a page on my blog just to track my nature reads, I will have to compare, although mine is short and just a list of the ones I have read.

      So everyone keeps commenting that about Crawdads so I checked my library – they changed their policy for some reason and don’t tell you your number on the list! The way it was listed in my holds area online made it look like it was in. So now I am super bummed!!

      I love them! However the new ones are pretty pricey. 😦 Tin Can Tourists lists the actual vintage ones for sale when they come up, but then they need work at times. So…for now this idea is just a dream. Lol. Tents here too for the time being. 🙂


    1. Right? Lol. I love them! I will keep dreaming! 🙂

      So… everyone was saying that about the holds list so I had to do a double check. And yeah, it’s not here. Our library changed they changed their policy for some reason and don’t tell you your number on the list! The way it was listed in my holds area online made it look like it was in. I didn’t know they had changed that policy. I am not sure I like it!


  4. The kittens have been fed and so I’m trying to catch up on blogs today, well at least WP ones today. Have to take the tween to math class in about two hours. The girls and I will have some tuna salad lettuce wraps before we go.

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