Closing the door on April

April was for the most part, a cold and rainy month. But it is a new month, and a new moon, so here is to hoping that April Showers do bring May flowers, because I am so ready for those lovely colors to be popping up everywhere!

Last weekend was the last weekend in April, and we spent the majority of it outside. The first nice weather really this spring and we were making the most of it. Saturday we spent messing about in our small garden, trying to get things ready for planting, and admiring our new blueberry bushes and cherry tree that we planted. Midway through the day we took a break to drive into the city for a bike garage sale at Back Alley Bikes, which is a non-profit that works on bikes with kids and volunteers fix up bikes that people donate which they then sell cheaply to raise money for their mission. They also will give a free bike to any kid over the age of 5! The last Saturday of the month they have a garage sale where they sell off some of their fixed up bikes and my husband who is a bike nut wanted to go take a look at the bikes. So we did, although I was not really super interested as I am not a great bicyclist. So, it was to my surprise that I fell totally in love with an old bike from the 70s, a Sears and Roebuck Free Spirit, red. My husband had attached our bike rack just in case, so we paid our $50 and headed home. It was getting a little cold and dark by this time so I didn’t get a chance to try it out, but I am looking forward to giving it a whirl. Although, that might be a while…

Sunday we got up early and decided to visit Belle Isle. The sun was shining, and everything was almost technicolor in it’s beauty. We drove around, then got out to look at the conservatory, the gardens, and the koi pond (which freaked me out- did I mention I am weirdly afraid of fish?) I took a billion photos, one of which the Belle Isle Conservatory actually shared on their own Instagram page, which was pretty cool!

These were all taken around the koi pond. In all the times we have visited, we have never walked around in here!

After we had explored to our heart’s content, enjoying the beautiful tulips everywhere, we got back into our car to visit my mom for her birthday. We had a lovely visit complete with ice cream cake, and then as we were getting in the car to go home, I had a bit of an accident. I was putting stuff in the back of the Jeep, and when I shut the back hatch door, which swings up, I forgot the bike rack was still attached. And slammed it down on top of my head. It was instant searing pain, and an instant enormous goose egg on my forehead that my husband wouldn’t even let me look at. We went to the ER where they decided I was ok, but told me as I left that it was going to get really ugly…and they were so so so right. Even as I sit here now typing this 6 days later, I still have two black eyes, a bump on my head, and bruising down my cheeks to my mouth. I spent most of my week laying as low as I could, taking care of Wyatt but not doing much else. For a few days I couldn’t even really read due to swelling, although ice packs every twenty minutes one day took care of most of that. (thank goodness for moms who will take care of your kiddo so you can put ice on your eyes) I’m feeling and looking a lot better, but it was not an experience I ever want to repeat again! So a little PSA for you all: when you take the bike off the bike rack of your car, take the bike rack off too, if you are not someone who uses it a lot!

How about you all? How did you spend your last days in April?


7 thoughts on “Closing the door on April

  1. *Flora*

    Dual sort of post. The pictures are lovely and your family day out sounded wonderful; I loved the tulips, the Victorian architecture of the glasshouses and the koi pond. But OMG what a way to end the trip, I’m so glad that you are recovering, it sounds terrible. I’ve had concussion before and know how weird that can be. I’m thankful that you’re surrounded by a loving family, I’m sure Wyatt is doing his best to help Mummy.

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    1. Lol yeah I guess it kind of was!! I had a dual sort of day. Lol. It was such a beautiful day with the flowers and sun! But yeah, that accident was not fun. 🙂 The bruising is so horrendous looking lol! I am healing up though so yay! Still a multitude of colors but getting better! My family is pretty awesome, I am definitely lucky. 🙂

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  2. I was so in the flow of this lovely family filled weekend, accompanied by beautiful sights and scenes with your photos, and then BAM – it didn’t end too well. The incident with the bike rack sounds painful!! I hope you’re doing well now, and great that you were treated to such beauty by nature at the end of April.

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    1. It was an abrupt transition! I probably should have prefaced this post maybe about a different ending than how it begins 😦 we did have a great morning though. 🙂 It was a gorgeous spring day for sure. I’m healing up nicely and we even took a longer road trip this weekend to see a town with four million tulips! 🌷


  3. Oh, no! OWIE! Thank goodness you had someone who could help out with Wyatt. I’m happy to hear you started healing up quickly. That’s awful. 😱

    The tulip photos are stunning, and I love the one of Wyatt looking at the flowers. 🌷🌷🌷

    Here’s to a less “eventful” May. 👍✨


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