Our Favorite Halloween Reads

 I love Halloween! One thing I love doing is hitting the library for Halloween books for the boy. Some of the ones we get are new, some of them you need a wayback machine for. These are the ones that I have made sure to grab, because they were my favorites growing up, and while they may not look as sleek and shiny and flashy, they are still great stories!

Samurai Scarecrow was a new addition to our holiday reading this year, as was Duck and Goose. I loved both, although they were very different. Samurai Scarecrow had great illustrations, while Duck and Goose was a Wyatt pick – he loves Duck and Goose. A lot. It was a long book so be warned. Lol.

Gus was a Friendly Ghost and Georgie’s Halloween are my two old favorites. I simply adore these sweet little ghosts. I also love the other Georgie books too. I know Gus has other books but I haven’t read them. I probably should!

Happy Halloween Witch’s Cat is super cool!! It is well loved here, both for the story and for the art, which is three dimensional and multi-media (I think this is the right way to describe it!) The author, Muncaster, is a miniaturist, who made tiny miniatures and then photographed them as the accompanying illustrations.

Room on the Broom and Click Clack Boo are just great reads. Simply put, Wyatt just loves sitting in my lap listening to them. Finally, A Dark, Dark Tale I picked up at a garage sale for its kind of creepy art. It doesn’t disappoint!

As for me, around Halloween I usually turn to books about witches and ghosts. These are a few of my top favorite witchy witch books and series. I am always looking for more, so please hit me with your recommendations!


How about you? Are you a seasonal reader? Any favorites? I’d love to hear them!




9 thoughts on “Our Favorite Halloween Reads

  1. I have read The Witching Hour; it is cray-cray. The Book of Shadows looks good and I see I have it on my TBR. The only copy my library has of it is audio CD. Isn’t that weird? I wonder sometimes how the library chooses what to purchase. Like seriously.

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    1. The Witching Hour is one of my all time favorite books! And it is nutso. Lol. The Book of Shadows was really good; I remember one October I read that series obsessively. Lol.

      I do wonder how libraries build their collections! In my last job I worked to help build our school’s collection – I was the library para but then they eliminated the school librarian job (argh!) so I ended up doing it all! Lol. It was fun but I was only getting books for K-5.

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  2. Those books are all new to me. I had never thought about Halloween reading, but ghosts, vampires, creepy occurrences, and scary plots are indeed very popular in current lit! I just read Murakami’s new book, but I guess magical realism doesn’t count for Halloween.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

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