Feel Good Friday!

Feel Good Friday

As I go through my week lately, I am trying to think about all the good things that happened or that I have read or just little things that have made me happy, even if it is something that seems rather small, like that latte I bought at McDonalds the other day (not even Starbucks y’all!) or something a loved one has said. Things that make me laugh or just bring a smile to my face, those count too. I hope you will join me, and share with me some things that made you happy too!

  1. Wolfnoote – Have you guys heard of this? My husband has been buried in work and didn’t but I have been following this story and love.it. So much that I wrote it on my calendar and plan on celebrating this year!
  2. This bag from Target  ~ I am in loves. It is the perfect size and weight, and is soft and very affordable! I can stick a diaper and wipes in there, a book for me and a book for the boy, snacks for the road, Wyatt’s shoes and braces if he takes them off, an umbrella if the day calls for rain  and best of all, even a bottle of wine, which I discovered when I was carrying in groceries ( I don’t usually just carry wine around in my bag!). Other stuff too of course, but those are the things that got me excited. Plus I have much room left over, and it has little pockets for things like my phone and keys and such too. (Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to save the photo)
  3. Fattest Bear Award – Congrats Beadnose 409 on your “radiant rolls”! You did a great job preparing for winter! bear
  4. New Wolves introduced to Isle Royale – I have been following the plight of the wolves and moose on Isle Royale for a while so I was excited to see that steps had been taken to revive the pack!
  5. I saw a hummingbird moth in my flowers! It was so cool, but so strange and weird too! It looks like a mix between a bird and a moth. My mind wasn’t sure what to do with that information. I tried to take a photo but I only had my cell phone and I was just heading out to take Wyatt to school. Here is my photo anyway. Lol. After doing some research, it turns out that I saw the White-Lined Sphinx version. It was pretty cool but also gave me the weirds.
  6. We painted pumpkins with my niece L. at the library. It was fun! Wyatt’s pumpkin reminds me a little bit of Sia..

wyatts pumpkin

7.  I had a date night with my husband! It was nice to hang out with him, especially as he has been working such long hours. Then tonight we went out to dinner with Wyatt. Also, if you like hard cider, B. Nektar’s Zombie Killer is fantastic!

8.  And this..

girls of the wild

What made you smile this week?


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