Tuesday is the New Date Night

Tuesday is our new date night.

Billy and I haven’t had many opportunities to go out since we had Wyatt two years ago; like most parents with new babies, most of our entertainment became stuff we could do at home, with the boy, or family adventure days. Which we love, we love all of our family time. But it was also time to start going out again, the two of us. And my super cool mom noticed, and volunteered to watch Wyatt every Tuesday night so that Billy and  I can go out.

We had out second date night this week. Last week, we weren’t sure what to do with our newfound time, so we took a drive and went back home. This time though, we knew we wanted to have dinner somewhere new. Recently, a few restuarants from Detroit are branching out into the surrounding suburbs, which works well for us, especially now on a tight time budget. I had been wanting to try Bobcat Bonnies for months, and I finally got my chance on date night!

Our pregnant, accented, adorable waitress sat us and handed us the menus, including the very long list of mostly Michigan craft beers. After learning it was also Taco Tuesday, I knew that was the route I was going. My tacos came with a can of beer, which I didn’t want, as I had my eye on a peach basil mule. Billy ordered the beer instead, a Keweenaw Pick Axe. I took a sip and declared it delicious. For food, we started with a tater tot appetizer, because this place is known for their inventive tots. Then I ordered the tacos (the “Rio Bravo” and the vegan chorizo ones) and Billy opted for the kimchi bowl. We both must be wimps – the vegan chorizo was way too spicy for me. Billy had of course expected some heat from his dinner, but the Korean beef pushed it over the top. He ate about half, but still loved it.

Stuffed to the gills, we were going to skip dessert until the waitress mentioned glitter. Yep, they had a unicorn cheesecake, complete with glitter. How do you pass that up? I’ll tell you. You don’t. I don’t even particularly like cheesecake, but it was date night, and we were going all out. Or all in? Whatever, it was worth it! And I didn’t eat that third taco anyway, so eating half of this was a perfectly acceptable trade.



We headed back home to our little guy full of happy and good food and drink. He was all clean and in his jammies, thanks to grandma. I learned he had a good night too, and had thoroughly enjoyed a hot fudge sundae.

Next date night we have tickets to a bike safari at the Detroit Zoo! I can’t wait to go.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday is the New Date Night

  1. OMGosh! What a meal! And how lucky you two are to have a weekly date night. The husband and I? Shoot, we’re lucky once a year especially since we’ve moved out of the city.


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