Easy-Peasy DIY Valentines Day Banner

February in Michigan can be tough. Gray, sunless, gray, cold. Did I mention gray? Michigan only had two days of sunshine in the past thirty days. So this year, I decided I was going to try to embrace February to make it a cheerier month in our household. I usually don’t decorate for Valentines Day – typically I am not organized enough, and it has come and gone before I can do so! But this year, with the help of my amazing husband, we have managed to decorate in a very bijou and petite way. And that is a good start, I think! 
I have tons of ideas, I am always thinking of different projects. Unfortunately, my creative flow kind of ends there. I am all thumbs when it comes to crafting, I can’t draw, etc. Luckily, Billy can make anything. Today, he lent a hand in making a sweet little Valentines Day banner for our dining room. And I love it! 
The materials were simple, and cheap. A romance novel we rescued from the recycle bin at the library, that was already falling apart, and which my husband meticulously removed the pages from, sticker paper, twine, and a printer. Ordinarily I would not support this destruction of reading material, but honestly, this book was already falling apart. Billy then cut the pages into the little banner shapes, and folded over a teeny bit of the top of the page, so that he could run a line of twine through it to hang them. He just used some tape afterward to hold it all down.  He had also printed out stickers spelling out Hugs and Kisses, using a free font that he found online, which he then just stuck onto the pages. I would link to the website of the font if he could remember where he got it from! As soon as I find out, I will add a link. 
Once this part was all put together, he strung them and hung it. 
I think it turned out pretty cute!

Due to the absence of light in our state, it was really hard to take a photo! Sorry for the poor photo quality there. 
I have a few more Valentines Day surprises in the works, and I am excited to keep working on them!
How are you celebrating this month? Anything planned? 

2 thoughts on “Easy-Peasy DIY Valentines Day Banner

  1. That's a fun banner. I actually crocheted a granny heart triangle one for a swap partner almost two weeks ago. I underestimated it's workload and was cranking it out in six days so I'd make the mailing date. It will be an ordinary day for us as the 14th is a week day and my tween has tennis in the evening. She plans to make cupcakes for her BFF's and my little one is already planning out who gets which Valentine in her classroom. I may try to make a special snack for my husband but we'll see.


  2. Thanks! I am so uncrafty but I really want to be. Lol. Oh no! I still wish I could crochet or knit ~ what an amazing skill and talent you have!

    I think our actual Valentine's Day is going to be pretty low key too. It's hard when it is a weekday! I love that they are planning their Valentines Day's already – cupcakes are always good, and I totally remember picking who was going to get which Valentine! 🙂 So cute!


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