The #ToddlerLife

Well, we made it to midnight but it was touch and go there for a bit! 
The day of New Year’s Eve my brother and his family moved, and we spent the day helping them. I loved being involved in the process, but it made for a long day. Our little guy was with grandma all day, and we headed home around 5 to round him up and take him back to my brother’s house. We planned on a low key New Year’s Eve, with our babies and pizza. 
The kids had other plans.
The two took turns it seems, being crazy fussy – a combination of a weird day, off routine, overtired, and being somewhere unfamiliar, all were affecting them pretty profoundly. One would cry then the other. And back and forth and so on. The adults finished our dinner of pizza as fast as we could, taking turns herding the tots in between bites and chatter. Finally around 9 p.m., when I think we were hoping the kiddos would be asleep, we actually all got to just sit down briefly instead, and toast to the new year, and the new house. Despite the exhaustion of all of us, it was a great moment, and a great way to start the new year. My brother and his wife are my best friends, and I am so happy for them. I think of all the memories that they will have, and that we will make with them as well, in the new place. We toasted, we enjoyed the moment, then we had to move on – us back to our house, and them putting the Bean to bed. 
Punk fell asleep immediately when we got home, and Billy and I succeeded in keeping our eyes open until the ball dropped, but just barely! We shared a new year’s smooch, and took ourselves off to bed for a much needed sleep as well. It was by far one of our less exciting New Year’s Eves, but one that we will always remember, nevertheless.
How about you? How was your NYE? Quiet with family like ours, or were you out and about painting the town red? There is something to be said for either option!


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