My Sunday-Monday Post

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My thoughts go out to all those affected by the hurricane on the East Coast. I worry about the people and their homes and all the animals – I love all those wild horses over there, although I read that they did well during the storm.
Last week we were so responsible. Lol. We did all our things – school, therapy, making the calls I needed to make, work. We were so good that on Friday, Wyatt’s day off, we took a field trip to the farm to visit my aunt and uncle. Wyatt arrived in time to take a trip around the yard on the riding lawnmower with my uncle, then we headed to the farm stand where I bought apples, a gigantic butternut squash that Wyatt just had to have, and a few tiny little pumpkin gourds. I had originally gone down for fresh corn – my aunt and uncle live on her family’s farm, which grows corn and potatoes. I was surprised to learn that the corn was over! I didn’t know that was even a thing. But now I know and next year I will make sure to get down there by the end of August!
Saturday Wyatt woke up with a tiny cold – thanks preschool! We didn’t end up doing too much, opting to stay home, out of the 90 degree heat wave we are having (another ew) and let Wyatt try to recover.
Today was a big day – we tried the Impossible burger at White Castle and were pretty impressed!! Lol.
Read Last Week:
where the fire falls
Where the Fire Falls – I really enjoyed reading this book. I hope to do a mini-review later this week!
Reading This Week:
I am a bit through Crooked House, and when I am finished I am moving on to The Impossible Girl. I am super excited to read it! I loved Kang’s book, A Beautiful Poison, and I am hoping for another great read.
We finished Anne with an E, which I loved. I seriously loved that tv show so much! I realize it is not true to the book, which I am sure it really annoying to Anne fans, but I am sure that the relationships are similar, that the love between Anne and Marilla and Matthew is still the same love, the one that has let so much light into all their lives. I plan on revisiting the books again this winter.
We are sort of poking about, looking for something else to watch. I am watching Reign on Netflix, Billy is watching Jack Ryan. Reign is kind of like Mary Queen of Scots meets Gossip Girl, but I am enjoying it nonetheless, in its glossiness and glitter. I think we both feel a bit of television hangover, after watching Sharp Objects and Anne with an E.
What about all of you? What has been going on with you?