Goodbye August, Hello September

Before we move on to September, I want to talk about this guy, my Marlow Meepers. I had to say goodbye to him this week, the last day of August, and I’m not going to lie, it was hard and it was awful and I miss his face and his cuddles and soft soft fur. But he was not doing well, and at 18, there really wasn’t going to be much we could do for him. So we made the very hard decision to let him go, as we knew he was suffering. He was diminished in size, his fur was no longer shiny, he had lost his shine, his vibrance, and spent all night every night just crying. He came to shelter I volunteered at when he was a few years old, after having been abandoned in an apartment when his owners just left him there when they moved. My brother-in-law actually adopted him, but was stationed overseas for a long stint and wasn’t sure when he was coming back – so Marlow came to us. By the time my brother-in-law returned, Marlow was mine. He had attached to me and it was obvious I was his person and he was my cat. He was a shy, hidey cat for a long time, but eventually became our most bold and bossy. My favorite Marlow story: Years ago before Wyatt, Billy was on a camping trip for the weekend. It was late and I was reading on the couch, drinking a glass of wine, Marlow laying next to me. All of a sudden we heard a scuffing noise outside, and we both sort of sat up straighter – and Marlow started growling like he was some sort of fierce guard dog. I got up and made sure the door was locked and flipped on the outside lights, and ran back to my cat. Nothing happened thank goodness, but I thought it was so funny and cute that apparently Marlow was going to fight to protect me. After Wyatt was born, he was always by Wyatt’s side, and so very patient with him. We miss him so much.

So we start September with heavy hearts this year, and we will let that grief settle, as summer will soon settle into fall. The leaves here are already changing, the evenings are cooler, and autumn is on the way. I love this season so much, the slow down we always experience and embrace. Quiet nights around a crackling fire, school starting up again, comfort food, warm tea in sturdy mugs, reading books under soft cozy quilts, and of course spooky season!

We will be laying low and sticking close to home this September, finding our new rhythm. Hiking in the woods with crunchy leaves, spotting mushrooms, collecting acorns and and black walnuts and chestnuts, putting the garden to bed. The month of the full harvest moon, the autumn equinox. The monarchs that are born now are the super monarchs that will be making the long journey south to Texas and Mexico. Life changes this time of year, shifts, adjusts, and we change and shift and adjust as well. Sometimes we say hello, and sometimes we have to say goodbye.