Hello January!

Hello January, and hello 2022! I already shared my resolutions, first book, and one word, but I wanted to welcome the month and year more fully.

I love January. I am probably one of the only people that does. Janus, the doorway, January..so much potential for everything. To slow down, to do more, to explore, to stay home … whatever floats your boat this month is the perfect month to kick any new venture off. I think I sort of like to do everything in January honestly. Experiment with new recipes, hike in the snow, cozy up with books and projects, go through closets and forgotten places and donate what I find. Make endless lists.

This month Wyatt and I have some exciting fun new topics to study in our homeschool. I spent hours in December planning and gathering materials and I can’t wait to begin today. We have lots of good stories to read, nature topics to explore, art projects, and of course the “basics” but I am going to mix in some fun ways to learn those as well.

We also have some family events planned this month with our bubble! Soup nights on Sundays, a craft night once a month, game nights on the weekends. Movie nights just the three of us, as well as doing the Kids Moon Club again. I am looking forward to all of these things!

I always spend a lot of January planning. I kind of love making lists and plans, and I am trying out a new dinner rotation idea, like pasta on Mondays, new fancy recipes on Saturdays, etc. I am also creating a list of some possible places to visit and explore this year, family trips up north and field trips that align with our school. And Billy and I are finally, finally going to paint and spruce up our dining room/play room this month. There is also a stack of fat seed catalogs sitting here that I am excited to start flipping through and dreaming over.

Today is our first day back to our regular schedules – Billy was off for a week and it was lovely. But now, back to work, back to school, back to reality. Back to setting our house to rights and organizing all the new toys and books. Back to the daily. But, I want to make sure we keep our whimsy and magic and wonder in as much of it as I can.

Any special plans for January? I’d love to hear!