Hello February!

Hello February!

It always feel like January sticks around forever. By the time February rolls around, I am like that groundhog, peeking my head out, wanting to know if I should just go back in for a bit longer or if it is ok to come out. I can’t make any predictions, but it is still absolutely freezing here and I don’t feel like spring is coming anytime soon. Winter seems to actually make its arrival later every year, delaying our spring.

We did have some beautiful sunshine the other day, and I took advantage of Wyatt being at his grandmother’s house and took a (quick) walk outside. I have been feeling so cooped up lately! The day was gorgeous, the sun reflecting off of the snow was blinding, it was so cold that I could walk on top of the snow practically, and no one, no one was there except me. Birds and squirrels and me. It was so quiet and if my nose wasn’t freezing off I would have stayed out there longer. That last picture I believe is from a large bird strike in the snow, hunting some small unsuspecting creature more than likely.

We are between backpack carriers for Wyatt right now so it is very difficult to get him out in the woods for the time being. He has reached a point where it is harder to find one – he has just grown so much! We did find one online the other day though that we ordered, we have a very important trip to see wolves lined up. We want to have all bases covered – we have his wheelchair if it is not bad out, then the new backpack carrier, and finally we reserved a golf cart to take us around if needed. Finally, since we are going this month and the weather is unpredictable, I made sure both the rental house and our wolf tour reservation could be rescheduled if needed. So I feel we have a plan in place, and I like to have a plan. I am excited though and hope we can go when we want to; I think we will need a little adventure this month!

I have quite a few plans for this month actually! I want to do something for President’s Day, and start a unit study on a few of our early presidents with Wyatt, especially since he has decided he likes George Washington. We will probably do some weather predicting things tomorrow, and I want to visit a new to Wyatt museum. Wyatt also has a bunch of really big specialist appointments this month, that I am very anxious about, honestly. He goes to genetics and orthopedics next week, the two biggest we have scheduled. When I am anxious, I tend to go into overdrive and keep us busy; it seems to help me. So I make lots and lots of plans.

We have our Full Snow Moon party on Sunday – I can’t believe it is that time already! Mermaid Girl is coming over and I am in the middle of figuring out what all we will be doing and especially the menu. I like a theme but also, little kid picky eaters are the guests. We already had “Magic Moon Macaroni”. Maybe we will have Full Snow Moon cheese bread (I need a better name), and let them make their own, sprinkling the cheese on like snow, although with these two it will be a blizzard of snow! Whatever we have and do though, it will be a blast.

We also have my SIL’s baby sprinkle this month! I am so excited to meet this new baby. She is due in March, so Wyatt will have a new little cousin who also shares his birthday month. I bought the cutest little teether over the weekend to give with her big gift. It is a little dragon teether, and it is so adorable. Just a few more weeks and will meet baby girl!

This will be a pretty busy February!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today!