Chit Chat Coffee Time Post

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Happy first day of Spring! I can feel the sunshine in my soul today everyone! It is freezing out, only 25 degrees or so, but the sun is shining and happy and the light is returning. Birds are singing earlier, flowers are peeping, and it is that time of rebirth and growth and hope. I am making plans and lists for the garden, and today I am going to finally start some of my cold weather seeds. The radishes, the beets, the carrots, some of these more cold hardy crops are getting started today. I have been binging homesteading and gardening YouTube videos all week, and grabbed a new stack of springlike books from the library at curbside too. I’m ready to let this daylight in, after these dark winter months. I love those quiet, cozy months, but spring has a way of sneaking in and releasing such joy.

I have another reason for feeling so happy today – Billy gets his first vaccine today! I get mine on Monday. This is such an important step for us due to Wyatt’s health, and while we will still be in the group of people who need to be more cautious, it is also a huge feeling of relief. Although I am super nervous about this! Change and new things and the unknown can really create some anxiety for me and this is a trigger. I am focusing on the positives, about expanding our bubble to my brother and his family and my mom because they are going to stay locked down with us, about seeing my friends again, even if we are masked in places, it will be fantastic just to be with them. We already have a morning out planned, to go to a few local nurseries and pick up veggies and flowers for our gardens.

Wyatt is ready for spring too, with his new haircut! Billy gave Wyatt a home haircut the other day and I have to admit, tears welled up in my eyes over how grown-up he looks here! Where is my baby??

We also picked up some local honey yesterday! We are using most of it to make mead – it will be our first attempt. We were hoping to make it and be able to drink it at summer solstice, but this won’t be ready to drink until at the earliest in August. It will be fun to do though, although I did think about people making moonshine and going blind, but Billy assured me that wouldn’t happen.

I have so many spring things planned – trips to vernal pools, creating a wormery, looking for tadpoles, and then I am going to start raising monarchs this year as well. I did not hear good things about their numbers last year and I feel like it is one small way I can help our natural world. I am planting a milkweed patch in the yard, with a little observation area for Wyatt to help spot eggs and caterpillars. It’s going to be fun!

We also had one of our friends wake up after his long winter’s nap this week – Samson!

In case you don’t know his story, this guy rolled up three years ago-ish, right to our front door, the day before a freak blizzard in October. So we brought him in and then I felt like it would irresponsible to put him back out. So we gave him his own little house and plants and he seems pretty happy. We get a kick out of watching him slide all over the place in his slow little way.

How are you all this morning?

Chit Chat Coffee Time Post

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I’m really enjoying these quick little snippet posts! I was inspired by Bella from Over the Teacups who writes these little conversational posts, like she is having tea with you, and I feel kind of like that is what these posts have become, a little catch up of our week over coffee. So grab a cup and feel free to share with me in the comments about your own week!

I had a pretty emotional week actually. I spent so much time on the phone, which I hate. And I think I had finally had my COVID meltdown; our Governor announced that starting on the 8th caregivers of children who have special needs were eligible for the vaccine. After a year of near isolation (the disabled community and those with special needs are very high risk for severe illness) I felt like we were getting closer to having our lives back, and was buzzing with excitement. Then, I actually tried to find a vaccine. Most places I called acted like they had never heard of this mandate, even when I was reading it off the Michigan Dept. of Health and Human Services website. I finally was able to find somewhere to make two appointments, one for me and one for Billy – but it fell through due to some issues at the vaccine site. This happened on the same day that I found there were complications with scheduling Wyatt’s 48 hour EEG, combine with Billy having to work overtime all week long on top of things, and it was just a lot all at once. That day in particular was a rough day. But, we are moving on and still looking and not giving up. That was definitely my low point this week.

It wasn’t all like that though, thank goodness

The weather was gorgeous this week, and Wyatt and I were able to get outside in the afternoons. I was excited to see signs of spring, with my strawberries starting to grow, little shoots emerging from the earth from the bulbs I planted in the fall, birds making nests in trees. I had to go get blood drawn this week and I had to wait in my car for twenty minutes as they stagger the number of people who can go in the office at one time. The morning was bright and blue and sunny and I could hear the chirps and tweets all around me. I happened to glance up at the tree next to my car to see it was full of Cedar Waxwings! That was the most I have ever seen at one time and it made me smile. Actually, I got really geeked and texted my husband and sent him a terrible photo from my phone , I was so excited to see them.

Today we are going for a hike and to check out the trees being tapped for maple syrup at a nearby metropark; Wyatt has been learning all about the process this week, so it will be neat to check it out in person. After Billy is going to do a little finishing work on the office, then we are hanging the curtains. I have some art to hang as well, some original framed art that my friend gave me that had been her grandmother’s (she wasn’t the artist, she just had it hanging in her house). So slowly the office is getting filled with personal touches, books and more plants and art. The next room we are going to do is the room we call the family room; it is really a large play area and also where our dining table is. It is also the room Harry lives in. Billy just needs to paint that room, and it is basically done. I am going to paint the china cabinet too, just to change the look of the room a little.

And…I am just about out of coffee so I will end here! Last week I shared a picture of Harry, this week I will share one of Dash. He is quite nimble and I catch him doing all sorts of cute little things.

Have a good one everyone!