Father’s Day Motor Muster

Father’s Day morning was awful. Rainy, cold, gray. But we were undeterred by the bad weather, and tucked ourselves into our rain gear and continued on with our plan for the day!

Greenfield Village was having its annual “Motor Muster”, where people from all over drive their classic cars to the village and show them off. I have to admit, I am not super into cars. But Billy is, and it was Father’s Day, so there we were. He’s a good guy and a great father so whatever he wanted, it was his day. There was one thing I did want to do though, and that was ride the train. A month ago my stepfather passed away, and he was a huge train enthusiast, and I wanted us to take a ride on the steam train around the village, in memory of him on Father’s Day. So we made that our first stop – it was a good way to stay out of the rain too. It was actually pretty atmospheric in the rain, with the thick steam wrapping around the sides of the train. Wyatt loved it, and Jerry would have too.


When our ride ended, the rain pretty much had too, luckily. We wandered about looking at the cars, and I found that I was actually really interested this time. Lol. Call it my summer of retro, I guess! We saw some really cool vehicles though, and we had the village pretty much to ourselves for a while, due to the morning’s rain.


Those wood paneled cars are really cool looking! Billy loved all the International Harvesters, which I guess are very rare. There were three at the Motor Muster, one of which was a wagon type version, which Billy had never seen and was super excited about. I was more of a fan of the Vernor’s truck, so classic Michigan! I also liked this one:

2019-06-26 (10)

We were excited to see the Tin Can Tourists had a few people there too!


After we had walked around and checked out all the cars, we checked out the rest of the sights! This year the village had added in vintage era music shows, food stalls, and living history type exhibits, if you could call them that. I thought these ladies looked amazing and so very retro cool, working on their Victory Garden.


And yes, as any good Hawaiian blooded man does, my husband ate the grilled spam sandwich. Which he said was excellent!

All in all, it was a great way to spend the day and we had a fun with this blast from the past! And hey, since you are here, check out my giveaway!

Summertime Giveaway!


Summer has finally arrived in Michigan! It’s warm, birds are singing, the sun is shining and there are multiple opportunities for fun everyday, from road trips to ice cream to summertime reading on your front porch!

Last week I was talking about how when you are a kid, summer feels endless, and full of promise, brand new adventures whenever you are ready. I realized I want a little of that back, that feeling of summer stretching out in front of us like a blank slate, despite having adult responsibilities. These moments can be small or large, summer vacations or a trip to the library, whatever you make it. A chance to make your own summer story.

When I saw this decorative stack of books, I knew that it would help inspire me to keep to my goal – and then I realized I wanted to give an opportunity to one of you to have this as well. When I was talking to Michelle of Bombshell Redesign about what I wanted to do, she generously gifted a matching stack for someone to have the chance to win!

A little bit about Michelle and Bombshell Redesign: She is a firecracker, a whirl of energy and creativity, with an eye for repurposing things that may just get thrown away or recycled. She is a mother, an avid reader, an entrepreneur, an artist. Bombshell Redesign is a quirky, quotable, bookish way to upcycle books headed for recycling or a landfill. She offers many different options, including personalizations and special requests. These decorative stacks are fun and perfect gifts for friends, grandparents, book clubs, and teachers – or for anyone for that matter!

To enter, we are doing this old school! Leave a comment below on my blog, and please be a U.S. resident. You do not need to be a blogger just have an email. Bonus points if you follow me on Instagram @crackercrumblife and @BombshellRedesign! If you do, just leave me your Instagram name in the comments, or email it to me at crackercrumblife@gmail.com so I can check. Then I will use a randomizer online to find the winner! Winner will be announced July 7. 🙂