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Phew, it was a a busy two weeks! I had a good time but I am so ready to finally get totally back into our normal routine. I love the holidays but they are also exhausting lol. I am not a go-go-go person and I had a very go-go-go two weeks. We did get a hike in Saturday morning, which was very chilly after the warm weather we have been having but it was great to get outside together. New Year’s Eve my brother’s family came over for a low key celebration and it was so nice – we had soup and bread and cake, the kids played, we listened to music and chatted. It was a good time. The in between days we had little get togethers with people which were fun as well. But tomorrow, we go back to our normal lives – school, work, chores, etc. However, I am getting together with my sister-in-law Chrissy to have coffee and strudel and look at seed catalogs together. I am very excited to get planning!

Read Last Week:

I didn’t manage to finish anything! I did start three books though – I was a bit scattered and all over the place. I am halfway through both of these though, and will be done with The Secret Life of the Owl today, and probably will finish Winterwood tomorrow. So I am counting them in last week, since I won’t really be reading them this week.

Reading This Week:

I am keeping it light and easy this week, just what I need.


We were in a funk after finishing Shetland, but thank goodness Netflix came through! We have been watching Lost in Space Season 2 and starting last night, Anne with an E.

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Hello, January!

2020 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

How about you guys? What is going on in your world?

2020 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

I am so excited to be signing up with Book’d Out’s Nonfiction Reading Challenge! Last year I started to read a bit more nonfiction and this year I would like to read more. I struggled with which level to choose though, but in the end I have decided to try for the Nonfiction Nibbler level, which is 6 books from any category, Since one of the categories is Nature, and I am joining a nature reading book club this month, I hope to more than reach that goal, although I am aiming to read from more than just that one particular category. I am also going to begin tracking my nonfiction reading for the year, and this will be a big help!

If you are interested, here are the details!

Select, read and review a book from the categories listed below during the year for a total of up to 12 books. A book may be in print, electronic or audio format.

Choose a goal:

Nonfiction Nipper : Read 3 books, from any category

Nonfiction Nibbler : Read 6 books, from any category

Nonfiction Know-It-All : Read 12 books, one for each category

* You can choose your books as you go or create a list in advance. You may combine this challenge with others if you wish. Use your best good faith judgement as to whether a book fits the category or not.

* Where a book is identified by more than one category, it may only count for one, not both.

* You can read your chosen titles in any order, at any pace, just complete the challenge by December 31st 2020


1. Memoir

2. Disaster Event

3. Social Science

4. Related to an Occupation

5. History

6. Feminism

7. Psychology

8. Medical Issue

9. Nature

10. True Crime

11. Science

12. Published in 2020

Each time you read and review a book as part of this challenge, make sure you identify it by adding either a direct statement and/or the challenge image badge to the post. Use the hashtag #2020ReadNonFic and/or tweet @bookdout

Share your review with other challenge participants by posting your name/blog name and title of the book with a direct link to your review in the monthly Linky, which will be posted on the first Saturday of every month. Please take the time to visit a few links and leave a comment after adding yours!

Hello, January!

Hello everyone!! It’s a new year, with lots of adventures and experiences around the corner for us! However, I read something today that said to not forget about the old you, and to celebrate that you as well – you have survived terrible days, hard things, heartbreak, and that you is a fighter and not to leave that you behind. So while we look ahead and make changes let’s not leave that part of us behind.

And speaking of changes, Billy and I do so much planning in January! I get out my planner and make lists and set dates; I plan ahead using the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum, and the Kids Moon Club for different things we might want to do as a family. I also reserved a vacation home in Holland, MI for March for Wyatt’s birthday, and we are looking ahead and planning for that. Our pie project in November didn’t go too far, so we are going to get back to that a little bit as well, just baking in general. We have some different fun things in store for the month as well that we are looking forward to.

A big change for me this year – I have been a vegetarian for twenty some years, and I have decided I am going to eat meat occasionally this winter. I don’t think I am going to crazy overboard and eat meat constantly, but I do want to incorporate it more into my diet. I have really low iron and Vitamin D and as it is winter, I am hoping that adding in eating meat will help. I do want to try to eat meat that I know is humanely raised, and minus all the antibiotics if possible though, so I am placing an order with a local farm later today. We will see how this goes!

I am also really excited about another project we are working on this month – my home office! This room has basically been ignored for the last five years and it needs some love and a new purpose. We are going to do the works, repaint, redesign its function and style, and really make that room work for us. We live in a small home, like we could probably be on a tiny home living show, but honestly, we kind of like living small. We are outdoors a lot, and as we examine our life and lifestyle, we are making changes that make the house more functional for us. Last year at this time we flip-flopped our dining room and living and seriously, it was the best move ever. Our living room, which we call the den, is a small space, the smallest in the house, but we downsized our furniture, hung our tv on the wall, pared away what we didn’t need, and it works perfectly for us. Our old living room is a dining room/play room that we call the family room, and it is a great space now too. We oddly can fit more people in our house now than we could before! Sometimes you just need to be creative and rethink a spot. So – that is what we are doing with my office. It is going to be an office with a spot for a day bed or guest area, in case my mom needs to ever stay the night, or we just need the extra bed. I am really excited about this change; I just need to decide on the paint color!

So, we have some things in the works this month! I am also very much looking forward to down time at home too, now that the holidays are over. Curling up on the couch, with a tea and a book sounds like heaven. So good in fact, I think I will go do that right now!

Currently…January a meme hosted by Anne in Residence. I missed December but today we are sharing what we are currently….. reading, resolving, cleaning, creating, and planning.

Happy New Year everyone!

Reading: A mix of nonfiction books and fiction this month on a variety of topics, mostly nature and cozy feeling books. Some books on my list for the month include Gathering Moss, The Secret Life of the Owl, the Cozy Minimalist Home and Winterwood. I did get a gift card for Barnes and Noble for Christmas though that I am excited to use!

Resolving: This year I am hoping to get back to practicing yoga again. I have been saying that for four years so hopefully it sticks this year!

Cleaning: Everything! At least that is how I am feeling right now. Lol. We are overhauling my office though this year, to make it more functional for our family. I am looking forward to the changes – I just need to commit to a paint color! We are also getting organized – I started labeling and boxing up different crafting and art supplies the other day and that part of the closet looks great. I love being able to just go in and get what we need so easily.

Creating: I am working on little gnome people for my son and his cousins, and I am making clay ring dishes for my friends as well. My stepmom and I love to try all the different crafts out there – we recently went to a wet felting class which was fun but..well, wet. I don’t think it is my craft medium, although I had a blast doing it. My stepmom did fantastic though, and I think her piece was the best in the class! That is it pictured above, she did a poinsettia themed runner which graced the table over the holidays.

Planning: So much!! January is such a big planning month for our family! We are planning our garden, something I love to do in the depths of the cold winter. I am getting together with my sister-in-law to go through the catalogs and see what we are both ordering, and where we can combine forces. I am also planning out what we are going to do with the Kids Moon Club, and with the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. Wyatt goes to preschool but I like to supplement at home and I love the nature/science/art focus of this homeschool curriculum. I have a Passion Planner, which I absolutely love. In fact, I am planning on curling up with it right after I finish here! Yeah, I am a nerd.

My Sunday-Monday Post

My Sunday Post is hosted by Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer

Sunday Salon is hosted by Deb at Readerbuzz

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? is hosted by Kathryn at Book Date

The week before Christmas was not what I was expecting – little man came down with a fever at school and I had to pick him up early, poor kiddo. Then I got sick. We were laid a little low for a week there, and it was not fun. I hate when he is sick. So that week before Christmas was filled more with anxiety and kleenex than I had planned on! Thankfully we were all better by Christmas!

Read Last Two Weeks:

I picked this up at the library purely for the festive cover and of course, the owl. I am such a bird nerd that I couldn’t pass it by. I really enjoyed it! It was just what I needed during the craziness of the last two weeks. And best of all, I learned there are 26 books in this series to go back and enjoy. Lol.

Reading This Week:

I am not sure which will be my first book of the year, but I am super excited to read them both!

Posted Last Two Weeks:

Quick Reviews on Some Holiday Reads

A Great Holiday and a Return to Routine

What Wyatt’s Reading – December

My Favorite Reads of 2019


Christmas movies. And Shetland! We just finished the entire series and thank goodness there are more coming – we were blown away by how amazing this series is. We also just started Lost in Space season 2 – Billy is a bit more into it right now than me but that might change hopefully.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I am looking forward to seeing what you have been up to as well!

My Favorite Reads of 2019

Hey all! I can’t believe it is this time of the year already! Wowzer. I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday or at least a few great days in December.

I feel like I read some pretty great books this year! I don’t keep up on my Goodreads very well – I get about halfway through the year and forget, so I can’t give stats which is a bummer, because I love everyone’s stats posts. Goals for next year! I know that I read a lot of nature books, thrillers, some magical realism, cozy mysteries, and some romances. And probably some other things too! I also participated in Paris in July which was so fun, and also Nonfiction November, which was pretty spectacular. I feel like I have a great idea of what to expect of them both next year and I am looking forward to them both again.

As I look back, some books I just really liked. My list is sort of based on just what I actually really loved, whether it was a bestseller or not – just a book that I really couldn’t stop reading and wanted more of when I was done. So, that being said, here they are!

I can’t believe this is the first time I had ever read Anne. Now I love her to pieces. And The Wolf Wilder was so so good. If you are going to read it, read it when it is cold – and if you live somewhere warm, just turn that air conditioning way down! Lol.

My love for these two books is real. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating touched my soul, and The Wood I read first, and then read aloud to Billy and Wyatt over the course of this year, that is how much I loved it. John Lewis-Stempel is one of my very favorite authors to read and I am slowly making my way through his books.

I am pretty sure this is the first time I have had two graphic novels on my list! I absolutely adored Pumpkinheads, but what can you expect from Rainbow Rowell, but greatness, in my opinion. And Brazen – I picked this up on a whim at the library then read it cover to cover without stopping during Wyatt’s nap. I never reviewed it properly but it was seriously amazing.

These are three new to me authors – and I believe Luanne G. Smith and Glendy Vanderah are new authors in general! I loved each of these books for different reasons, but I can’t wait to read more by all of them. Read my review of The Vine Witch here, and Where the Forest Meets the Stars here. And hey I did review Brazen! A mini-one in the same post as Leaving Time!

Hands down my favorite book of the entire year. I am always a little skeptical of big best sellers for some reason, but when Gulfside Musings posted that she loved it, I gave it a shot. And I am so glad that I did. It was everything – nature and mystery and emotional. It was spectacular and I recommended it to everyone I know.