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Hello everyone! We had a very quiet week around here, and so far, a pretty quiet weekend. It’s been nice actually. I’ve been working on a new enterprise along with Billy, making journals that I sell over on Amazon through their self-publishing service, and I have been enjoying working on them whenever I can catch a moment. So far I have made camping and caregiver and medical journals to take to doctor’s appointments, as well as a line of nature journals that Wyatt designed the covers for. It’s been really fun!

I’ve also been making my final decisions on the curriculum that Wyatt and I are going to use next year. It is one of my favorite things to do! I’ve been toying with an idea of a YouTube channel to talk about homeschooling, and homeschooling a special needs child, our crazy life and adventures, but…I don’t know if I would feel comfortable being in front of a camera like that. I prefer being behind the scenes and behind the camera, but I feel like I get so much out of the YouTube channels I watch, information wise, that I wonder if I have something to offer with our experiences as Wyatt’s parents and how we all choose to live. It would also offer an opportunity for more conversation with other families like ours and opportunities to learn from. I don’t know though. And here I am just blathering on this morning, I guess I couldn’t wait for my coffee catch up day.

Let’s get to the books!!

Read Last Week:

So last week I ended up starting The White Hare and I absolutely am in love with it. I am not quite finished yet but I will finish today or tomorrow. It reminds me of a Barbara Michaels or Mary Stewart book and they are two of my favorite authors to read! I have also been listening to Braiding Sweetgrass. I read it a few years ago but there is something very special about listening to it as well. Robin Wall Kimmerer reads it herself and that adds such a lovely additional dimension, her words in her voice. I definitely recommend listening to it.

Wyatt and I FINALLY finished The Wild Robot. We had some big pauses in our nightly reading with his surgeries even though we tried a few times, but we finally got off that island. I do like that book and Roz and Brightbill but if you have a sensitive child I would recommend reading it yourself first to see if it will bother them.

Reading This Week:

I keep seeing so much about this Shady Hollow series that I am going to give it a go. I think I tried once before but didn’t end up reading it. And Wyatt and I have started Heartwood Hollow book 3, Better Together as our before bed read. I guess both of us are all about anthropomorphism.

Posted Last Week:

Wednesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

The Spring of Cary Grant: My Favorite Wife

Book Review: Watership Down

Watching and Listening:

We have been watching When Calls the Heart (Billy, you are such a good guy), and The Brokenwood Mysteries. I am so excited Brokenwood has a new season, I just love that show. Then Lisa from Boondock Ramblings mentioned that Newhart is on Amazon and when Billy told me he had NEVER EVER watched it, we had to add it to our line up. We watch it when we need to watch something quick and funny because Bob Newhart always cracks me up with his deadpan delivery. I remember watching it when I was real little kid with my mom and dad – just like Wyatt does now. I wonder if he will grow up wanting to live in New England in an old home in a small town, sort of like I did? I am pretty sure Newhart influenced me (but better Newhart than Dallas which I also watched with my mom…)

We also watched My Favorite Wife as part of our Spring of Cary Grant.

I haven’t been listening to podcasts since I have been listening to Braiding Sweetgrass.

Musically, we generally ask Alexa to play Classic 70s Folk, and that is our go-to. Although I always always skip Joni Mitchell because her voice is beautiful but sounds so mournful to me, and also that Cat’s in the Cradle song that always makes me want to sob.

And that is it from around here! What is going on in your world?


36 thoughts on “My Sunday-Monday Post

  1. Bob Newhart — he totally cracks me up and has since I was nine years old and a college student living at our house had a record with his routines. I’d listen to it often! Your journal enterprise sounds like an excellent idea! Good luck with them! Have a wonderful week!

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    1. He is hysterical! I saw that Newhart the show with the hotel in Vermont came out in 1983 – I was 8, the exact age Wyatt is. So I definitely was watching at the same age.

      I didn’t know he had records! That is awesome!

      And thank you Jeanie!


      1. His records were in the 60s, at least the ones I heard as a kid. Here’s a link to some of his stuff from that period on youtube — I don’t know if his Abe Lincoln or Driving Instructor are on this one but those are great too. If you can find it, his first series (where he played a psychiatrist in Chicago, c. 1970) with Suzanne Pleshette as his wife is great too.


  2. I think you would have a lot to offer on a YouTube channel. If you are finding info helpful to you then I imagine another parent/caregiver would like to hear from others as well.

    Great book lineup and I am checking them to see if I want to add my stupidly large reading list!!

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    1. Thanks Deb! I am having a good time designing them and it is fun to share with Wyatt too, when I involve him. Plus, computer skills and art!

      I absolutely love planning for next year school – and even just the next week! I put so much time and energy into what we do; I like to keep it interesting for Wyatt! And I think I am going to seriously consider it.. maybe to get used to the idea I will just do a few lives on Instagram. Lol.


  3. Those journals sound fantastic- what an awesome idea! And good luck with your decision on the Youtube channel, whichever way you go. I’ve thought about doing something like that too (different focus obviously) but same- not sure I want to be on camera lol!

    I love 70’s music!

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  4. I am with you, I hate being on camera/hearing myself, but I think you have a lot to offer. I homeschooled and had a YouTube channel I watched, and looked at a ton of curriculum, but never really came across anything for special needs. (it wasn’t something we needed, but I wonder how much is out there?) Good luck with your decision.

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    1. Oh my gosh, I think it is more hearing myself than seeing myself on camera honestly! There really is nothing out there for special needs. I have basically had to do a lot of trial and error, lots of research, and lots of adaptation to what we are using at times. I mean, the same as any homeschool family, but with a different eye. If that makes sense? And thank you!

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  5. I’m sure there are other parents out there who could benefit from all your experiences … but I feel the same way about being on camera. That’s a tough decision.

    Will be curious to hear what you think of Braiding Sweetgrass.

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    1. I think I would love it, except for the actually doing it part. LOL. I think I might practice with lives on Instagram to see how I do.

      I read Braiding Sweetgrass years ago and loved it; now listening to it, I am in love with it all over again.


  6. I love planning and so I’d also enjoy the journals and figuring out the next year. If you are not comfortable with doing Youtube videos, you could do a weekly blog post on some topic for homeschooling / special needs etc, or biweekly or monthly, whatever works for you. It’s another option.

    Anne – Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

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    1. That is a good idea! I usually do a homeschool wrap up post, but I rarely get into detail on the things I have done during that week to adapt things to Wyatt. Hmmm.

      I am already in the middle of making my family little “guides” to our vacation spot that we are all going to in August. I have a love of planning and organizing! I can tell from reading your posts that you are very similar!


  7. I love Cat’s in the Cradle. My dad is a big Harry Chapin fan so that and 30,000 Pounds of Bananas were sung a lot at my house growing up. The journals sound amazing. You need to post a link! And adding The White Hare to my TBR. I love Barbara Michaels and Mary Stewart. Have a great week!

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  8. Rachel @Waves of Fiction

    It sounds like you have a unique perspective with homeschooling that parents would appreciate! Or you could take the route that Anne suggested above in her comment. That’s a good idea, too.

    Oh, Bob Newhart brings back memories. His original was one my parents and grandmother watched. Years ago! The newer one I watched as a young parent and it was fun. He is so deadpan! I liked his guest appearances on Big Bang Theory, too.

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  9. I’ve been looking at that Mystery book with the animals too.

    I think you can pull the YouTube channel off. Just pretend you are talking to the camera and no one else can see you. It might help a parent with a similar situation learn what resources they can use for homeschooling and other things! Such an exciting idea!

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    1. I started Shady Hollow last night and it is so cute! My brain is a bit overloaded with all these different animal stories I am reading though – that one for me, and then I am reading Wind in the Willows and the Heartwood Hotel to Wyatt everyday. Lol.

      I think I will try a live on Instagram and see if I can even do that for like one minute. You can watch my awkwardness. LOL. It’s just been such a trial and error process for us, same with any other homeschool family, I just have to do a different version of trial and error!


  10. I think you have a gift for teaching, and you really should consider sharing it via YouTube. I think you would soon discover the camera wasn’t even there. You are just a natural teacher, Erin!

    We started watching Yellowjackets…and, oh, my word!!! It is something else. I don’t think Mike knows the direction it’s headed though.

    As for Harry Chapin…he is one of our favorites around here. You should listen to some of his other songs…there are so many so much better than Cat’s in the Cradle. We have his Gold Medal cd set (though we no longer have a cd player) and love it. He was truly a wonderful person! Try “30,000 Pounds of Bananas” or…oh, well, crap! Most of them are tearjerkers of one kind or another, but they are just so good!!! He was a stellar human being, too. He began the World Hunger Year which led to WhyHunger which is a non-profit organization fighting hunger. Give Harry another try!

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  11. One of the big things I’ve noticed with Youtube is that regardless of quality, if you’re lighting is good, people are much more likely to watch. (They look a lot less like home videos.) Unless you’re kind of doing a monologue, there’s probably a fair amount of editing involved, and there’s a learning curve to that, but it’s a skill a lot of young people are trying to learn, so if you had a high school/college aged friend/relative to help you out with that, that goes a long way.

    I think you could totally pull off a YouTube channel – your subject, yes, is a little “niche”, but being as you’ve had so much trouble finding resources, there are probably a good number of people who are in the same boat as you. 🙂 And it’s not like a YouTube Channel costs money to maintain and… everybody’s first YouTube videos are kind of awkward.

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    1. That is an area I am really concerned about – the quality of it, and how it looks, as well as the editing. My husband’s cousin is older than me and she seems to have it all figured out (she has a pretty good following!) so maybe she could help me out at first. (Low Carb Revelation is her channel) I am definitely not ready to do this *now*. I need to do lots of research but those are aspects that I am definitely nervous about. Lol.

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