Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

It’s a cold lazy morning around here today. I am soooooo over this snow and winter. Spring needs to get here! I am letting Wyatt watch tv in our bed this morning, while I sit here next to him drinking coffee and writing this post. I am reluctant to get out from under the covers today. I made quick coffee this morning, Keurig version – Newmans Own blend. It does the job but I drink it way too fast!

Let’s start with a Wyatt update. Yesterday he was able to go back to physical therapy (where he did awesome!) and then we went straight from PT to Detroit to Children’s Hospital for his follow up appointment to check his incisions. They thought he looked great!

Is daylight savings kicking anyone else’s butt? Wyatt and I are such primitive creatures I think. We are both having a hard time adjusting! I read that for some people it is hard because the darkness in the morning and the light in the evening is confusing to your brain and body, making you more tired in the morning and then more awake in the evening. That seems to be true for Wyatt and I. It’ll even out but dang I was draggin’ wagon yesterday almost all day, UNTIL it was bedtime. Billy however is just one of those rare people who can sleep anywhere, anytime, no matter what.

Wyatt had a playdate with Mermaid girl Friday while my SIL went for a check up at her baby doctor (one week until her due date!) and they played like crazy. Board games, restaurant, drawing, they just were into everything and having so much fun. My messy house got even more messy and I loved it. I wanted them to have fun! Wyatt was wiped out afterwards! It was good to see him have so much fun. Then Saturday was his little party! My mother-in-law got cake and ice cream and invited just a small amount of people over. Sadly, a few family members were sick so they didn’t come so we didn’t get to see them, but Wyatt still had fun. My mom definitely enjoyed hanging out with my in-laws two dogs – she is snuggling Murphy in that picture.

In other news – I got a new rug! Our other one in the den was just so dingy and since we spend so much time in there and with Wyatt healing, I felt like I needed something new. It is so bright and cheery! Next I need new couches since my cat Maggie (who passed away in October) used these as a scratching post; now that she is no longer with us (I still miss her everyday) we plan on replacing these, maybe in late spring. It didn’t make sense to do that until she was gone since she would have just done the same to new ones. For now though, a new rug it is! Not the most level photo, but I was kneeling in front of the other couch and Wyatt decided to hug around my neck while I was taking it. Lol.

Well, we need to start school soon, and then I need to get cracking on this house! It’s gone to the dogs over the past few weeks with everything, and I need to get it back in order.

Speaking of, does anyone else enjoy watching people declutter and organize on YouTube? I have no idea why I find it so calming but I do. I watch With Love Kristina for many reasons, but lately she has been decluttering and I feel relaxed after watching. She feels like a very real YouTuber, who shows her messes. She was also very preggers in this last video, but I saw yesterday on Instagram that she had her baby, so congrats to her!

And that is the big and small of it over here! How are things in your world?


15 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

    1. Thanks Jeanie. 🙂 And thank you for the compliment as well! Ugh, this sofa actually looks better than the one across from it, sadly. That one is in shambles. Lol.

      I don’t know why it is either. LOL. I had to google it because I was like why is this so hard one me? I was glad to know that I at least am not alone.


  1. I love the new rug!

    It’s so great to see Wyatt doing better too and I love your mom with the dog!

    My husband can sleep any time of the day too, it seems. Time changes don’t really seem to effect him and it’s a little infuriating. lol.

    Things are going along here – Little Miss is able to eat a little more each day, we didn’t get as much snow as we thought and I’m sick of winter as well. I’m mainly sick of lighting the fire, even though I like it once it is lit.

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  2. I’m so glad Wyatt got good reviews at the doctor! Yay! And any birthday party is a wonderful time to celebrate. I wish I’d been as easy-going as you are about the messes kids create (that kinda sounds wrong) when my kids were little. My mom was all about having a neat house so I guess she passed it on. Now, I realize a little mess and lots of laughter are so much more important than no mess and little laughter. As for DST…I hate it! I’m always a night owl, but I am struggling to get up at a decent hour. And, I am definitely in the draggin’ wagon (gonna steal that one) camp! Like it’s 11:30 pm right now, and I’m still wide awake! Oh, well!


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    1. I don’t enjoy the clean-up part but Wyatt and Mermaid Girl are good about all of us working together to pick up. But while they are playing I just let them go and do.

      Oh my gosh, I hate it too! I used to be a night owl but I have become an early bird, and it still messes with me. I am hoping by the end of the week I am used to the change. And lol – isn’t that the funnest expression? The kindergarten teacher at the school I used to work at used it all the time, so I stole it from her.


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