My Cozy Fall Shopping List

So yes, I am a cliched stereotype. I love fall and wearing boots and drinking coffee and wearing plaid and all things pumpkin. I told my brother who likes to good-naturedly josh me about it that I fully embrace it and I am ok with it. I know who I am. And I live in the midwest – autumn here is amazing. Brilliant colors, brisk temperatures, fire and quilts and warmth and coziness, all that good stuff.

I have all sorts of favorites and wish lists and items I have bought or plan to buy, all fall and cozylike. And since in the fall I seem to gravitate away from my beloved bunnies and towards foxes, you might notice a theme. (and be prepared, I will probably make another post about all the Halloween things!)

This post contains Amazon and Etsy affiliate links.

I think we all know we need tea and a good solid mug to drink it from, and I have fallen in love with this sage green and fox mug from Pleasant Pottery, located in the Finger Lakes region of NY. And can you imagine how beautiful that area must be in the fall?? As for tea, Billy requests Earl Greyer every year, while I switch it up. This year I want to try this Apple Pie Chai, which sounds delicious, or the Apple Cinnamon by Celestial Seasonings.

I like to add little festive decorations to the house, like most people. We bring in a lot of nature items that we gather on our walks but I do also decorate with non-nature items too. Lol. I generally do a fall decorate, where it is less Halloween and more autumn, and add in some spooky things in October, which I can easily remove and leave the autumn up through November. I always have a banner up in our den windows, all year, and I love the colors and simplicity of this one from Matthew and Mae. But I also like this version with teal in it! Which do you like better?

I love the mushroom, leaf, and fox tea towel, also an Esty find. We use hand towels a lot around here although sometimes I am like “Wait! Not that one! That one is just for pretty!” I could see me saying that with this one for sure!

And, while not a decoration I am adding these note cards to the cart. I want to start sending handwritten notes out this fall and winter and these are so pretty!

Billy and I are painting our bedroom this weekend, and while I have most of what I need to refresh the room, I do love this print. I am thinking of adding it to our walls. It just makes me feel happy to look at it. I don’t know when or if we will get to Paris, but I like to dream of it. And November is a special month – our anniversary is in November as is my birthday.

A purse has become something more of a necessity. I have broken countless debit cards by putting them in my back pockets (and lost them sometimes too), I have to bring my glasses with me now, I have keys, my phone – ugh just too much stuff. Gone are my carefree days of just a phone and license and debit card. It’s time to grow up and actually carry a purse. This one seems like it will work wonderfully, big enough to carry all my junk unlike my wristlet wallet, but not huge and bulky in case I am holding Wyatt.

Finally, I wanted something fun to wear around this fall. I like to have my arms not all bunched up in layers because I often have to pick Wyatt up and carry him, and it is hard if my clothes are all bunchy. This poncho looks perfect for kicking through leaves, picking apples with my kiddo, sitting around a fire. I wanted something that was easily washable for the same reasons – I have a 7 year old, and sitting around a fire makes your clothes a little smoky. Or a lot smoky, depending. Although Billy likes this one.

Is there anything you are loving for this fall season?


11 thoughts on “My Cozy Fall Shopping List

  1. So many lovely fall things! I also love the season, but ours is pretty short, since our summers linger and winters come quickly. But…our winters are not that bad. No snow, some rain, a few storms, but time for coziness, too.

    Love your poncho and your purse. I am a big fan of purses and have quite a collection, mostly gathered during the lockdown of the Pandemic. A chance to dream of going out and about, and having just the purse for the occasion.

    I am lingering on the apple cinnamon teas! Thanks for sharing.


  2. debby9972

    Living here in Southern California I don’t really get into Fall that much. I love the mushroom tea towel and that print you like is beautiful. Love the poncho too! Have a wonderful weekend.


  3. 15andmeowing

    Fall is my favorite season. I went to Marshall’s today and wanted everything, especially fall gnomes and everything with a black cat. 🙂


  4. Fall is definitely my favorite season though Christmas is not far behind! I’m exactly like you…I decorate for fall…add a few things for Halloween…then keep the fall things out until I decorate for Christmas. I’m a Constant Comment girl when it comes to tea. I’ve tried others (I even spent over $100 one year at Teavana because I was stupid and didn’t know what I was buying until they were ringing it up)! My son bought me a Mackenzie Childs tea pot for Christmas two years ago. I love to use it, but it doesn’t whistle! I think all of the fun things that go with tea are necessary, right?

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    1. It just makes sense right! I don’t want Halloween up in September but I do want to acknowledge fall with some decorations. Lol.

      I have never had Constant Comment! I will have to try it! And oh my gosh, I have done that same thing at Teavana!!!

      And yes, 100%! I love all the tea accessories and kettles and teapots!


  5. We don’t really get fall here in the south – it’s kind of the joke that the only way we know it’s fall is when the Spirit Halloween stores start showing up! I love the poncho and that it’s washable and the wristlet. The print is beautiful and if you love it you definitely should hang it in your bedroom so you can see it every day. I love tea but am not an Earl Grey fan. I do love Lady Grey though and the apple pie chai sounds amazing! Happy fall!

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    1. I figured it had to be climates that get fall weather who are probably more into fall but I didn’t know for sure! I am pretty sure our autumns here are a gift before we have to freeze for four months! And lol about Spirit Halloween being your sign that fall has arrived! I am not an Earl Grey fan either – way too floral for me. I have not tried Lady Grey though!


  6. What a fun list! Seeing those fall cards reminds me it’s time to do my annual fall leaf paintings. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any good models up here yet — at least nothing close enough to the ground I can pick it off and bring it in to paint. For that matter, nothing is a better description. Most color is either high up and all color is sparse. Maybe by the end of the week. Love the little pumpkin bunting.

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