Hanging in there on a tough week

How you all doing? Hanging in there I hope! It’s been a rough week around here for me personally. There were some things that were causing me a great deal of stress with my extended family and I was struggling a bit this week. I couldn’t read, which I hate when I can’t settle down with a book. I pushed through and got things done, with a lot of pep talks from friends and family. So this week was an odd one. We didn’t get too much besides what we needed to do done, but it was a week of small victories, which are just as good.

Harry had a recheck this week and the vet said he looks awesome! His surgical area healed perfectly, and he is looking good and did not require any further medication, although we still have to give him his appetite stimulant because he lost weight, poor guy. But otherwise he is doing well. He has the world’s tiniest carrier and everyone at the vet thought it was adorable – as did I. It has a little strap that cracks me up, like I can carry him around with me on walks or in stores or something. I had to send Harry into the vet alone per COVID rules and I do wonder if they wore him for a minute because I would have, had I been them.

I also started a new skin care routine this week. I don’t usually do much, just wash and moisturize but it has been so cold and I am over 40 so I thought I should up my game. I ordered a few different oils from Good Molecules then had to call my friend to ask her how to use them. I took notes even. So I now use squalane oil in the morning, and rose hip seed oil in the evening. I also have an ultra hydrating one that I am to use as needed, per my friend Kelly, my personal beauty guru. I am sort of a wash and go person, even with my hair so anytime I add in anything new it feels like such a big deal.

I have also been trying to organize a meal plan that is sustainable and easy to turn into a routine. In preparation for this I ordered meat from Trillium Woods Farm. We have ordered from there before and picked it up at the farm, but this time we had it delivered. It came today and it was sort of fun to go through when it came. The things that make me happy these days! Truth be told, I feel like it was a good price for the quality I know we are receiving, especially when the prices in the grocery store are pretty comparable these days. Lisa from Boondock Ramblings and I are also planning on doing a recipe swap in February to sort of mix things up and try new things. I am excited about it!

Wyatt and I also had a great week of homeschooling, after I had one day of dragging my feet over it. I plan on sharing more on that tomorrow, but we are both loving the topics we are learning about this week.

It’s been so cold here too! Not much snow but single digits that go below freezing at times. We are winter hikers but I don’t like to take Wyatt out when it is that cold out. So this weekend we are sticking around the house, baking, and working on his Valentine’s! I am part of on online “cohort” group that all use the Blossom and Root curriculum for first grade, and one of the mothers organized a Valentine exchange. She grouped interested families into “classes” of 24 and sent out the lists! We are going to make a Valentine’s box that Wyatt can put them in as they arrive, and then open them all on Valentine’s Day. I think it will be fun! Especially since Wyatt loves anything to do with mail these days.

So how are you guys? Hope all is well in your world!


20 thoughts on “Hanging in there on a tough week

    1. Thanks AJ! We have made it through it seems this week and hopefully next week will be a better one. πŸ™‚ I have to admit I didn’t mind too much either! I didn’t have to figure out what to do with Wyatt or take both Wyatt and Harry in with me, etc. Wyatt and I just sat in the car. I could do a whole drive up life. Lol.


  1. I’m sorry you had a rough week. It doesn’t help when it’s so cold and you can get outside.

    Harry’s carrier is adorable! I’m glad he’s doing better after his procedure.

    I just turned 60 and I’m still a wash-and-go type of woman. My daughter has raved about Necessaire products for a few years, so I decided to try their skin care items when they had a promotion going during the holidays. Combined with her discount code, it wasn’t too much of a sticker shock, but still more than I normally spend on lotions and body wash products. I still need to figure out when to use the serums and oils, but so far, I feel like I’m doing a better job of taking care of my skin!

    Enjoy your recipe swap. I have so many cookbooks and really should focus on trying new recipes. I’m in a cooking rut these days!

    Have a good weekend!

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    1. The cold is an issue. Our family loves to be outside and we really feel trapped right now. Hopefully this week is better. This morning it is snowing so we may venture out!

      I will most likely always be a wash and go woman.I can’t see that changing! But like you I am trying to add in just a bit more lolol. Mine came with little pictures on the side of a sun and moon for morning and night, so that made it easier. Plus my friend’s little explanation. I’ve been washing my face, then applying the oil at night for the rosehip seed, and then in the morning I wash, do the squalane, and if I am feeling froggy moisturizer. My friend has a whole million step routine but three steps is hard enough for me to conquer right now.

      That is how I feel! Like I am sick of making the same stuff. I added some new ideas to my menu plan for the week. We will see how they go!

      I hope your weekend is going well!


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  3. What a cute little carrier!

    My cousin’s little girl just turned 7 and she loves mail too. I send her postcards from our travels and sometimes extra little coloring books or something from national parks. The Valentine’s card exchange sounds like a great idea for that age group.

    I hope this week is better!

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  4. Hope things are getting better for you. I love that tiny carrier, so cute! Here we have been able to go in to the vets with our pets during all but the first lockdown – of course, that’s when one of the cats had an issue and I had to talk to the vet over the phone from the car park!

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  5. Stefanie

    I’m glad you had support during that difficult time. I get stressed over little things, even having to drive somewhere I’ve never been before. I know, I’m a cream puff.

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  6. So glad that Harry is doing so well! I am sorry about about the extended family stress. One benefit of having no family that lives close to me is that it’s quite easy to avoid the ones that drive me crazy. The negative is that it’s hard to spend time with the ones that don’t! I’ve heard such wonderful things about Blossom and Root. We loosely use Build Your Library though we’re kind of struggling to be really consistent right now.

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    1. Thanks Katherine! My brother and his family had COVID but they got through it well. They are all vaxxed and boosted but you know Omicron. Ugh. I hated that I couldn’t help them out as much as normal! We love Blossom and Root! I do supplement at times with different curriculum and with special unit studies but for the most part we like it. I am planning on looking around at other curriculum for next year though – I will check out Build Your Library! I love the way that sounds!


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