My Little Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Little Ones

Of all the gift guides I create, this one is always my favorite. Probably because I am always saving different ideas all year round for the kiddos in my life, my son, my nieces, my cousin’s daughters, my favorite people to buy for! I love to buy them handmade gifts, and support small artists and business – I of course still buy stuff from Amazon and made of plastic and Wyatt is also getting a new tablet this year, but he is also getting a special small toy box for dress up clothes, as this kid of mine loves to dress up and pretend, much like I did as a kid. And he is getting a special toy this year too, that I am very excited about.

This post contains Etsy affiliate links from which I would make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

DIY Kaleidoscope: I love this so much. It is perfect for those outdoor adventures, hiking, picnics, just playing in the yard. Kids love to collect small bits of nature, and this gives them a unique way to keep and play with those treasures.

Nature Explorers Kit: Normally I skip over kits like this, as I think it is usually some overpriced box filled with things I can do myself. This one however, also contains nature activity cards filled with ideas for exploring and involving mindfulness as well as a great assortment of tools for exploring!

I found this Etsy store earlier this year and fell in love with these little rag dolls! A Button and A Stitch sews up small dolls “perfect for small hands” and I love the diversity offered! There is a doll for every child in this shop – including my own child. The special needs doll line almost made me teary. Braces, G-Tubes, limb differences, Cochlear implants – representation is so important for all children, to have a toy or a book that they can see themselves in. Wyatt always gets so excited when he spots a character in a book that uses a wheelchair or a walker or braces, so I am really looking forward to seeing his reaction to this doll. You can find the links to the two pictured above here and here. Be sure to check out all of the dolls in this collection!

All the kids in my life love to make things and craft – and sometimes it is easier to have a put together kit rather than pull all the pieces together.

Bendy Snakes Wool Felting Kit: I learned how to wool felt a few years ago and it was so fun! I think this snake version would be perfect for little hands!

Woodland Animals Sewing Kit: This one is so adorable! And cracks me up because this is the sort of thing I am sewing right now. Lol. I am slowly learning…and I think these projects would be cute and a great way to introduce needlework to a child. (with supervision of course)

Little Birder book: Isn’t this book gorgeous? The illustrations, the introduction to birds, I love everything about it. There is also a matching journal for older kids too!

Yeti/Big Foot Stuffed Plush: Soo cute!! I sort of want this for me. I mean, everyone needs a cuddle now and then. And his little happy face!

Rainbow Rock Crayons: So these caught my eye since Wyatt has been learning about rocks and minerals lately. They are just so colorful and pretty! Also, the size encourages that pincer grip and fine motor skills as well.

A little breath of spring in these next two ideas! When the winter starts to seem long, these would be fun to work on as we wait for the return of spring and summer and longer days, sunshine, flowers, and all the little butterflies and bees.

Kids Sewing Kit: I love these bright and cheery designs!

Flyers Kit: Oh, I love these. I can just imagine them brightening the windows in winter!

And finally, a little something for a little bit older child! These porcelain animal necklaces from CampHollow are adorable and little works of art. They come in so many different animal variations as well – this little owl, Siamese cats, hedgehogs, river otters, butterflies, dinosaurs, and many more!

Happy Holidays all!


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