A Trip to the Farm

Last Saturday we took a ride out to the country. I had placed an order with Trillium Wood Farms in efforts to better support small Michigan farmers. This is better for the animals, for us, the environment – it’s really a win-win all over.

I would say local farmers but for us, a trip to the farm really is a road trip, at an hour and half drive one way. It’s a pretty drive though and this time I enjoyed seeing the suburbs, then the city, slowly turn into fields of green, dotted with animals along the highway.

We started early, picking up coffee for us and hash browns for the kiddo before hitting the road. Wyatt decided he preferred Goldfish crackers to his hash browns though. This kid and Goldfish crackers…lol.

I rarely talk about the fact that we live a mile from the Detroit River – it has been a fixture in my life for so long that I just don’t think about it. But Saturday we drove along the river for a bit, watching as the sun hit the water just so, making it glitter.

It wasn’t long before we were on the highway, heading west. It was not a bad way to start the morning, hot coffee, hash browns, the radio playing country music as we all sang along. There wasn’t much traffic since it was Saturday morning, and we just enjoyed the time together.

I had to take a photo of the Fowlerville sign. When I was attending Central Michigan, my friend and I would say “Fowlerville, already??” every time we passed through on our way back to school. It was the halfway mark, and I am not sure why we said it but I find myself thinking it when we pass it now, still. Here the landscape really begins to change from city to rural, and I kept my eyes glued to the fields around us, looking for horses and cows and hawks.

While we were en route one of the farmers emailed me that they had to change part of our order (which was ok) and to not be alarmed if we saw pigs running around when arrived, since a tree had fallen on the fenceline and they had escaped. I have to admit, it did make me a little nervous. I have a little bit of a fear of pigs, they can bite through metal and I feel like they just want to take a chunk out of me. I know this is irrational but..there you go.

We did not see any pigs on the loose however when we arrived. Wyatt was disappointed but I was quietly relieved. We were the only ones there and it works on the honor system for no contact pick up, we just grab our order from the freezer. So we took a minute to stretch our legs. We didn’t stray away from the lot so as not to trespass on the farm itself, although I did want to get closer to the cow and the turkeys I could see. We did see pigs in a pen so they must have gotten rounded up and the fence fixed. They were a little distance away though across a small field and through some trees.

We did make friends with these cuties! Farm dogs and farm cats.. I love how that tabby is guarding the deliveries like she is the postmaster or something.

I am reading a book called Sheepish right now, and the author, Catherine Friend, talks about how small farms are really the only link for people to be able to get up close and personal with farm animals these days, and how if you do not grow up near them farms are places people can go to experience that wonder. I know in talking through emails with the sisters that run this farm that they do offer little tours of the farm to interested people. I think we might take them up on that when it is safer to do so.

As we were leaving one of the farmers was coming back up the drive and we stopped to chat a few minutes about the dogs. There is something to be said about knowing where your food actually comes from, the people raising it and caring about the entire process. The sisters at Trillium take the raising of their animals very seriously and treat them with compassion, all the way until the end with a humane quick finish. After our chat, it was sadly time to turn around and head home. We watched the drive in reverse, from fields to concrete and traffic and felt like we had had quite an adventure for not quite noon. One of us even needed a nap.

The car covered in black and white swirls is a sure sign we are near home again. These are the new models of cars that haven’t been released yet and we see them all the time around here. Since they are still secret they are covered in this to disguise them although we can usually guess what they are. It’s a common sight to see around here with all the auto industry.

So, it was an interesting morning for us and one we plan on doing again soon! We didn’t order much this time but hope to do small orders once a month or so. If nothing else, we get to take a nice ride together and see some new sights!


11 thoughts on “A Trip to the Farm

  1. This looks like fun! I’m so glad you found time to visit and support a local farm. We try to support our local farms, as well and will be doing so even more as the weather warms up and they start offering fresh produce! I can’t wait. Your trip reminded me we have a farm store not farm from us and I need to go stock up on some of their food soon!

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    1. We did have a really good low key fun day! I definitely want to go and visit with the animals, you know me. Lol. My aunt and uncle actually live on a potato and corn farm that is my aunt’s family farm. If you ever see Barbara Ann potatoes those are named after my aunt! (I have/had two Aunt Barbs) They are an hour drive to the south and have a farm store that we try to buy veggies from especially once the corn comes in. Usually we will go to Eastern Market in Detroit but with the pandemic we had to avoid it last year (like the plague…lolol sorry bad joke) I actually don’t even know if it operated last year, sadly. It provided a place for Detroiters to get fresh food in the food desert that most of them live in, and also a place for farmers to sell their products. I try to support some of the urban farms too, during the year. πŸ™‚ Man, I could talk to you about this forever! Lol.


  2. P.S. The city photos made me all woozy. I’m such a country girl. I immediately felt better as your landscape transformed into a more rural setting. lol. I might should get therapy for that! And I also loved the cat guarding your goods! It reminds me of this cat that used to live at a local “general store” which is also one of our favorite restaurants. The cat sleeps on a wooden barrel outside the store’s front door. The first time I saw him I thought he was a stuffed cat. The next time I saw him, I thought he was dead. The last time we went over, he was gone and I’m afraid he might have died. He was extremely old. Hopefully they will get a new cat customers can look at and debate if it’s alive. πŸ˜‰

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    1. LOL!! This weekend we are actually going downtown for a bit, it has been so long since we have been to Detroit. I’ll take photos. I have to admit, I love both the city and the country. Except at night. Then the country scares me!! LOL. It’s so quiet and big and empty and it freaks me out. I’ve watched too many horror movies.

      Aww. I hope they get a new one too. There are definitely a lot of cats out there who need a good wooden barrel to sun themselves on and get pets from customers.


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