Tiny Mini-Post: Edgar Allen Poe and Ravens Study

Ok so, this study was for me. I love Edgar Allen Poe and I figured it was Halloween, Wyatt likes birds, let’s just go for it – but kindergarten style.

This was a very small special unit study that took us just a few hours over two days. We spent some time discussing ravens, which Wyatt loved, so much so that it was what he decided he wanted to be for Halloween. We kept it simple, talking about how clever and smart these birds are, how they like to play and have been spotted sliding in the snow for fun, and about their distinguishing features. Then we made that cute little hand print raven! The next day, we tackled Poe. Basically, I summed up Poe’s life in a kid friendly manner, and about how he was a writer. Then we read a few books, and watched the Molly of Denali episode with a raven in it. And that was about it! The rest of the week we used some fun scarecrow inspired fall printables mixed in with our normal curriculum, and it all came together very nicely!

I almost didn’t post about his little mini-study, but I felt like the resources we used were wonderful, and wanted to share them.

Stephanie Hathaway Designs – The Common Raven Mini-Unit which includes information on Poe as well. I used a few printables that I felt would work best for Wyatt and then stored them all when we were done for another year.

Edgar and the Tattle Tale Heart by Jennifer Adams – This book is so cute! I love that it is series. I will be buying the rest! (Amazon affiliate link)

Rappin Tappin Halloween by Marylou Quillen – So this book was a fun find! Inspired by the Raven, it builds suspense in a very kid friendly way. Free if you have Kindle Unlimited, otherwise I think you can download it for $3.99! (Amazon Affiliate Link)

Handprint Raven – From Iheartcraftythings.com

And of course the Molly of Denali episode I mentioned, Return of the Ravens. There is a podcast too!

And there you have it! A little Poe from me to you on this gloomy day here in Michigan..


15 thoughts on “Tiny Mini-Post: Edgar Allen Poe and Ravens Study

    1. I couldn’t help myself! I had to do it. I definitely thought about that – and when Billy and I were thinking we were going to dress up with him at a possible socially distanced trunk or treat, we discussed being Tower Guards! LOL. I held off on telling him right now, although as we do our Heritage studies this year, when we get to England I might tell him then. πŸ™‚


  1. You’re such a good teacher! Wyatt is lucky to have you as a Mom πŸ™‚
    I enjoyed when I homeschooled my son many years ago. It gave me the option to be creative and make the work fun. I am one of those weird people who love crows. I don’t think I have ravens here, or are ravens just large crows? On garbage pick-up day the birds gather in a group of trees near me and yell back and forth to each other and swoop up any items that got dropped from the truck.

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    1. Aw thank you Rita!!

      I am so loving it, for those reasons!! And we love crows and ravens too. Wyatt was a raven for Halloween, I will post a photo today. πŸ™‚ I guess one main difference between the two is their call – ravens croak and crows caw.


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