Snapshots of far

I have a stack of books that my cousin made, that say “Every Summer Has Its Own Story”. Could that be more true for this summer? I think about other weird times in history, trying times and challenging times. Times of war, the year without a summer, pandemics of the past – and now the times that 2020 has brought to us all, globally. Our year has certainly been different, and while I thought summer might bring some relief, we are still fairly locked down.

Despite this, we are trying. We are seeing friends and family, yet more often in person socially distanced rather than just online chats. We can get outside more frequently, and easier, and Wyatt and I try to spend either mornings or evenings outside. The evenings are nicer, because then Billy can be with us.

We’ve enjoyed drinks outside…

… and all sorts of treasures from nature.

Tonight we are being crazy and having an ice cream for dinner picnic outdoors – complete with waffle cone bowls. It’s gonna get messy!

Stay well everyone.


5 thoughts on “Snapshots of far

  1. Next time you have an ice cream dinner in a waffle cone bowl, holler!! I would love that kind of supper. We have been overindulging in Dairy Queen. So good.

    I enjoy the Sentence a Day link up to chronicle all the crazy during this historic time in our lives. My sentences are an English teacher’s worst nightmare with more commas than legally allowed but they are an opportunity to reflect on what each day brings and write it down for posterity.

    Your photographs are stunning. You have captured summer so well. The pumpkin/squash. The cut glass or jam jar of tea? The well loved tennies in the grass. And the raspberries on that sweet plate. Great captures.

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    1. Lol!! I try to surprise Wyatt with ice cream dinner once or twice a summer. πŸ™‚ It’s a fun tradition. Last night was a good night for it, we had had a storm and it was cooler than it had been all week. We ate our ice cream then watched for lightning bugs. πŸ™‚

      I will have to look for that link up! And those sound like my kind of sentences! Lol. I have actually been keeping a journal where I am writing some of the things we have been doing together this summer so Wyatt can have it one day, and remember this very different summer.I am not a great artist but it is also the journal I am using when we go outside and practice our nature journaling skills.

      And thank you!! I appreciate that! That is our pumpkin, you are right. I am so excited about it – I have always wanted to grow them and I decided this was the year to try. And my tennis shoes are always so battered – you are right, they are well loved! I wear them to pieces before I buy new ones, and always converse low tops, black. I have my “adult” shoes but those are my everyday wear all the time loved to pieces pair. πŸ™‚


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