A Few Quick Book Reviews

It’s been a minute since I have posted a review, but I have read some great books so far this year that I wanted to share my thoughts on, especially the Cozy Minimalist Home! That book feels like a game changer!

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Cozy Minimalist Home: I loved this book! I found it so inspiring. We live in a small house – like 900 sq feet. I love this house, it was my grandparent’s, my mom grew up here, but it is small. And it always worked for Billy and I. Then we added a child to our family, and not only does he have all the toys and books and everything that most kids do, he also has a lot of equipment, like walkers and wheelchairs. I had to get creative with space, and also get rid of some of my stuff just to save on time, since I didn’t want to spend my days just cleaning them away. I began rethinking our spaces and getting rid of things, but it didn’t feel… cozy. I loved the new open feeling, the lightness, but I still needed some warmth. And this book really showed me how to add that touch of cozy. Instead of having a bunch of stuff that maybe is not as important, you choose what you want in your room thoughtfully. Add in those cozy touches without overdoing – a warm, comfy blanket, pillows, a great rug.. books. For me, bits of natural elements are really important too. There is a little bit more to it than that, but Smith has clear, simple, easy steps you should take in order when thinking about your space that make so much sense! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to pare down yet still keep that cozy warm feeling! We are slowly redoing our house, room by room, and what I have learned is definitely going to come in handy. (and I just wanted to add, this applies to any size home!)

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw: This cover is gorgeous, isn’t it? I had just read The Wicked Deep when this book came out, and it sounded so perfect for me. A woods, secrets, winter, magic… I love all of these things! I actually started reading it on the first night of a full moon, which is purely coincidence but it was funny because this book begins on a full moon in winter, just like when I began reading it. It sort of set the mood. And I loved this book. I think the woods have always been a foreboding setting throughout history and literature – warnings to not go into the woods alone, or at night, bad news lurks within. And there is an otherworldy feeling to standing in a quiet wood in the dark. I think this book captures that perfectly, that feeling of almost unease. Nora Walker, like the women in her family before her, can communicate with her woods, and right now, it is telling her something is amiss. I really enjoyed this atmospheric read!

The Secret Life of the Owl by John Lewis-Stempel: Lewis-Stempel is one of my favorite authors to read. He has such a way of describing his surroundings and the natural world that just invites you in, and makes you want to know more. This short little book about owls is no different. I love owls, and this book was a great journey through folklore and poetry and facts about owls. If you love owls, I wouldn’t miss this one. It’s not overly scientific and includes mythology and other fun bits about hoo-hoos as Wyatt likes to say.


16 thoughts on “A Few Quick Book Reviews

  1. I love reading books that deal with cozy themes, especially when in small spaces. I have downsized twice in the last few years: first to a small condo and now to a studio apartment. I always opt for cozy, and feel that I achieved that. The book looks good.

    Thanks for sharing.

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