Tuesday Morning Coffee Catch Up

Hello everyone! I am just about to take my very first sip of coffee, and I can’t wait. That is always one of life’s best small moments, that first sip of coffee in the morning. At least for me. And I am still missing my percolator!

This past weekend was a pretty good one. We have been running like crazy people for weeks and weeks and we wanted a super chill weekend. It was our citywide garage sale so we headed out in the morning to slow boat around town and just browse what people were choosing to sell. I am super nosy that way; I love to see what people had owned and what they are choosing to not own anymore. However, after two stops we were done, but for a very good reason. I found the perfect desk for my office! I have been looking for three years for something that just spoke to me, and Saturday I found THE ONE. Lol. It was marked $75 but Billy talked the lady down to $50, and I feel like it was a steal!

However, getting this home was a bit of a challenge! We had Wyatt’s wheelchair, which takes up all the room in the back of my SUV. So we thought we would head home, get Billy’s car, we would both drive back (like 4 blocks), Wyatt would stay in the car while Billy and I loaded it into Billy’s car…. but thankfully our neighbor was out and he agreed to help Billy instead – plus, he had a pick up truck! So Neighbor Eric came to the rescue! Billy spent some time on the porch with it, cleaning it up, since it was pretty dirty and then Billy and I moved it to the office. I LOVE it. And Miso does too! I love that it is a double desk, and can hide all my crap in there. Lol. It is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! And it is special for another reason as well. Billy and I met in third grade, when we shared a double desk. It was not as cool as this one of course. They sat us next to each other because I never talked and Billy never stopped. He would ask if I was going to finish my lunch, and I always said no because I was shy, and so he would eat my sandwich or whatever and then draw me pictures. So I am thrilled to have this desk that also makes me think of little Billy and Erin.

Sunday, we worked in the yard. Everything is a big giant mess out there, we are just so behind. Everything has been so crazy – even my seedlings died due to neglect. So we put some time in on Sunday cleaning things up, getting ready for planting. At least, Billy and I did. Wyatt played.

I joked that Wyatt might have been the camp cook in an old logging camp in a past life. Lol.

I worked on this garden bed, which is mainly flowers and strawberries – and formerly dandelions as well. Billy worked on constructing our toad abode! It is still rough right now, I am going Sunday to buy some plants to plant around it, and grab some more rocks. I would like to attract toads to our yard because they are just so cute. Right now though, it looks sad still. Lol. It’ll be spruced up soon. I am going to add some hostas behind the wood logs, and then ferns and smaller plants closer to the water area. I didn’t want a giant pond to maintain, but I was reading that we just needed a small water feature so we went for petite. So this is our petite bijou toad abode. I am also getting a small water aerator (it should be here tomorrow!) to keep it not super gross or stagnant, because mosquitoes…

Yesterday I met my besties (minus one) plus baby for lunch! It has been ages and ages since I had lunch out with them and we had such a fantastic time. I got there early and made sure we got a table in the shade for the Bebe, and by the time everyone arrived I was starving!! Lol. I ordered an avocado three cheese sandwich with a side of brussels sprouts and it was delicious. But the main attraction of lunch was this wee one. Her first girls lunch! She will be two months on Thursday and she was so funny. Her mother had thought she would nap during lunch, but instead she wanted to be part of the group and action. We all had a great time.

And that is about it for this morning! I hope you all had a good weekend!