Paris In July: Parisienne Farmgirl

Last fall I found The Parisienne Farmgirl, or Angela, on Youtube and could not stop watching! I was obviously late to the party since she has over 50 thousand followers on YouTube alone – which should attest to what a great channel she has and what fantastic content she produces. But thankfully that also means she has a huge backlist of videos to watch and blog posts to read – not to mention her cookbooks and now, her podcast with another of my favorites, Shay from The Elliot Homestead, called Homemaker Chic. Angela lives on an island in Wisconsin, homeschools her children, runs basically a farm, and manages to have style and fashion and flair, all the while looking stylish and having a great attitude. She is truly goals. Her lifestyle posts are truly aspirational!

Her home is insanely beautiful – she and her husband have completely renovated it to look like a northern French farmhouse, and it is lovely!

Her food looks amazing too.. it’s no wonder she has written cookbooks!

Billy and I are actually going to attempt to make macarons this month – we will see how we do!

And then, my favorite, her gardens.. and geese!

I always felt like French style had to be so uptight and fussy – and while some of it is definitely stylized, I have learned that it can be easier to achieve that I had previously thought. And Angela’s down-to-earth and funny personality, and yes joie de vivre make watching her videos and listening to her podcast a treat – especially as I am usually watching and listening as I do such fun things as folding laundry or doing dishes. I have not yet embraced red lips – those are my friend Kelly’s signature anyway. However I will drink the red wine and bake the bread and listen and learn and there is always room to dream and change things up!

I am linking this post up with Paris In July, hosted by Thyme for Tea! (And yeah I posted a day early, I have something else scheduled for the first…what can I say I’m a loose cannon)