Our Favorite Picture Books This Year

A week or two ago, Wyatt mailed a letter to Santa from the big Santa Mail Box in our city – and to be honest, I had no idea that he was going to get a letter back when we did it, but wow did it bring a smile to my boy’s face! And, we found out that Santa loves books too! We have read some fantastic books this year, and I wanted to share some of our top favorites with you.

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Wyatt’s current favorite holiday book is the Llama Llama Holiday Drama. I read this a billion times a day, and when I am not, he is looking at it himself half the time. Thanksgiving in the Woods is a fun one that we actually won in a giveaway on Instagram this year- and while we both love it, I think it would be so fun to actually have a Thanksgiving in the Woods one year! I included Ohana Means Family, but it was more my favorite than Wyatt’s. I just loved the illustrations and the introduction to Hawaiian culture to Wyatt. Scout and the Gumboot Kids were a big favorite of Wyatt’s this year, whether on television or reading the books. He really loved The Case of the Wooden Timekeeper. Then finally, all the way back in January, we read Little Wolf’s Song and Winter Walk, and Wyatt loved all the howling in Little Wolf’s Song, and then surprised me by really loving Winter Walk.

Leo the Lightning Bug! This book also came with a CD, and Wyatt still listens to it and flips through the book, reciting parts out loud with it. It reminds me of me when I was his age, listening to books on tape and record and looking through the books. (For Christmas I bought him The Thousand Star Hotel by the Okee Dokee Brothers, which he can flip through while he listens to the story streaming..ah technology.) Nightsong was really cool, and Honey, adorable. Wyatt is a fan of David Ezra Stein. He is also a giant fan of the Little Blue Truck, and he loved this Springtime book. Which reminds me I never bought him The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas! Then finally we found two new to us owl books that we really enjoyed, Tanna’s Owl and Otto the Owl who Loved Poetry.

The Giraffe That Walked to Paris is my favorite picture book that we read this year. I liked it way more than Wyatt, so it is definitely my favorite, not his. I had never heard of this event before and it was sort of sad but neat to learn about it. Anatole was an old favorite of mine that I enjoyed sharing with Wyatt, who also liked it. And then finally, The Salamander Room – this book made me commit to adopting our leopard gecko Harry, which I realize is two different species entirely but it was still a fun way to segue to Harry for Wyatt.

I did miss the library so much this year, browsing the shelves and all the new books. If there are two places I miss going, it is the library with Wyatt and then Ikea with Billy. We would drop the boy off to my mom then head to Ikea and have lunch and shop. We are exciting.

I am looking forward to reading more with Wyatt in the months ahead, especially now as he is picking up letters and can read some of the words himself more and more! He loves reading, and I love that he loves reading!

Homeschooling, Summer Edition: France, Pt. 1

This week was the first week in our two week unit study about France, and we had so much fun! This week we focused on famous landmarks and symbols of France, read a few books, and tried a few new foods – or at least Wyatt did.

We read Madeline, talked about the Eiffel Tower, and then built our own version out of wafer cookies

We read Anatole, about that cute little bike riding, beret wearing mouse who has quite a refined palette for cheese tasting… and then of course we had to eat cheese too. Wyatt tried baked Brie. He was not impressed. I’ll give him a few more years.

We read about The Giraffe that Walked to Paris, which was really an interesting book!! I had never heard of this historic event, and was pretty fascinated with it. The picture book is very long, so I had to summarize the pages a bit to keep Wyatt interested, but I went back and read it myself. We talked about giraffes, their natural habitats, and looked at maps, both a world map and a map of France, to view the journey this giraffe made so long ago. We plotted her walk from Marseilles to Paris (425 miles in 41 days!) and laughed thinking about the raincoat that the French tailor sewed for her. This was a very fun day; Wyatt loves giraffes so it was cool to be able to include them in this unit.

We did some table work as well, math and patterns and all that good stuff, but the bulk of what we did was exploring through reading and trying new things. We also started a new read aloud – Linnea in Monet’s Garden. It is so cute and coincides well with our “journey”. We stopped reading The Little Prince – Wyatt is not ready for it yet and that is ok. Another thing for another time. But he is enjoying Linnea.

Resource Roundup!

France – Weekly Preschool Curriculum

Books We Read:

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The Giraffe that Walked to Paris || Linnea in Monet’s Garden || Anatole || Madeline

Videos We Watched:

Ratatouille on Disney+

Anatole’s Parisian Adventure

Homeschool Pop – Eiffel Tower for Kids

FreeSchool – Eiffel Tower for Kids

I am already looking forward to what I have planned for us next week!